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Wüsthof knives are manufactured with the professional and home chef in mind. The company started in 1814 and has continued to produce each and every knife from its factory in Solingen, Germany since then. Most knives are forged from one piece of specially tempered high-carbon steel to bring you the strongest, longest lasting kitchen utensil on the market. The knives are easy to sharpen with any of Wüsthof's steel, ceramic or diamond sharpeners for constant precision and safety in your kitchen. From panini bread knives to traditional Japanese Santoku knives, Wüsthof has everything your kitchen needs to produce picturesque sliced, diced and chopped cuts for any dish.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

What a difference a great knife makes!

Review Date: 9/16/2014
By: HomeCook123

My Wusthof chef's knife makes quick work of kitchen prep. Great purchase.

Excellent cutting knife

Review Date: 10/16/2013
By: Ditt

I cut thin slices of frozen meant regularly. I've a range of Wusthof knives but this one is the best of the set. It cuts evenly every time and requires less pressure to do so. I'd recommend this knife to anyone wanting an above average knife for a reasonable price.

Review by Kerrie

Review Date: 6/1/2013
By: Kerrie

Bought this for my parents after they fell in love with the Wusthof carving knife. They are now getting rid of most of their old cheap knives. Blade arrived sharp, has nice weight to it, cuts well, and my mother says she feels like a pro when she uses it.

Review by Anonymous

Review Date: 3/2/2014
By: Anonymous

As with all the Wusthof knives I have purchased, this carving knife is an exceptionally fine piece of cutlery. The grip and balance provide a comfortable fit that can take the tedium out of your day. The forged steel blade holds a fantastic edge when properly maintained. With proper care, the carving knife should provide years of quality service.

Review by Anonymous

Review Date: 8/24/2014
By: Anonymous

The Carbon steel blade keeps it's keen sharpness better than stainless knives and the carbon is getting harder to find. It can also be sharpened more easily. Handle is comfortable and knife handles well.

Editorial Reviews

Set Apart From The Rest

Each Wusthof knife is made from quality components to bring you longevity and durability that the company stands by. You can expect to find a variety of special features in a Wusthof knife that are not available elsewhere. The blade from most Wusthof knives is formed from one solid piece of stainless steel, while the edge is carefully honed by hand for incredible sharpness. Each knife has a figure guard that provides heft and improves safety and comfort. With a bolster that provides impeccable balance and a handle that will last a lifetime, Wusthof is the obvious choice.

Three Blade Types

Wusthof understands that each ingredient requires a certain type of edge when slicing, which is why Wusthof manufactures three types of knife edges. The straight-edged blade is a standard option that is ideal for precision cuts of firm or soft fruits, meats and vegetables. The serrated edge works well with breads and other foods that have a firm, crusty exterior and soft, delicate interior. The hollowed edge keeps air in between the blade and food so that the products will not stick to the metal. More precise, efficient cuts are possible with this feature. Whatever you are looking to cut, Wusthof has a knife for you.

Wusthof Cutlery

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