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About Vollrath

When it comes to providing customers excellent quality foodservice supplies, Vollrath aims to set the standard. By providing innovative foodservice products with a competitive price as well as excellent value and quality, Vollrath has successfully stamped the brand as one that foodservice operators can rely upon. Its vast array of products makes Vollrath a comprehensive brand that can provide customers with a tool for nearly any task. Vollrath has set the industry standard for 136 years and looks to continue incorporating great ideas into new and existing products to offer unparalleled foodservice excellence for years to come.

Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Awesome Induction Cooker

Review Date: 10/20/2014
By: CookingEngineer

I have used many types and brands of induction cookers over the last few years. Overall, this unit is awesome, and its performance is in a class by itself. It’s all about control and finesse. With 100 heat settings, and a temperature control mode that actually works, you can heat the most sensitive, delicate food items with no problems. Tasks that are impossible on other induction cookers, such as melting chocolate (without a double boiler!!), finicky sauces and emulsions, precise simmering and slow cooking with no risk of scorching or burning, are all easily accomplished on the Mirage Pro. The heat that this unit puts out seems to be kinder and gentler, and is exquisitely controllable. It has simple controls and a big bright red LED display for heat, temperature and timer settings. All of these features allow you to concentrate entirely on your cooking, with no worries about having to deal with quirky design flaws or inadequacies. The 2 year warranty is better than most, and you know that Vollrath will still be around years from now, if a problem should arise. This thing is QUIET! Vollrath’s quad-IGBT design seems to be very efficient, needing only a small, low-RPM, variable speed cooling fan. There is no obnoxious beeper!! Pans and lids don’t squeal and “sing” like they do on some other induction units (due to harmonics and resonances caused by design compromises). It is ideal for applications where noise would be a problem, such as “display cooking”, TV cooking shows, etc. There are a few “minuses”: I find the physical appearance of this thing to be a bit strange (bordering on ugly), partially dictated by the manufacturers goal to be able to stamp out the top stainless steel shroud without any costly welded joints. It’s like an old Ford Taurus wagon - you’ll either love or hate the looks. Either way, it’s functional. The two halves of the enclosure don’t quite fit together as conceived, especially at the front corners, leaving sharp edges exposed. Having lost some skin to these corners, I resorted to some fine sandpaper and smoothed them a bit. The control knob is a bit flimsy and small. I would prefer a flatter, slightly larger diameter knob with a built-in “spinner” on top to enable faster scrolling through the settings. You apparently cannot change heat or temperature settings after setting the built-in shut-off timer. Attempting to do so flushes your timer setting. When turned off, It does emit audible, faint high-frequency “hash” that some persons may find disturbing if you are in a very quiet environment. My wife unplugs it when it is not being used, for that reason. I’m puzzled by Vollrath referring to the Mirage Pro as a 14” unit. The base of your pans must be no larger than about 10.5 inches. The high price tag is a bit of a shock, 5-7 times that of the entry-level “throw-away” induction cookers. It is arguably well worth the price for a sophisticated unit that is built to survive continuous commercial use, with no compromises as far as performance.

Professional all around

Review Date: 10/20/2014
By: pschut

I was looking for a perfect professional loaf pan for my business, and this really met my needs! Great quality, great price, and delivered on time!

Vollrath warmer

Review Date: 10/1/2014
By: wiener587

Quite frankly I'm reviewing this item in order to receive the 10% discount! It took 3 weeks to receive the product- not exactly prompt service. In the two weeks I have had it now- no problems.

Quality buy

Review Date: 9/25/2014
By: RobinS

This product is very durable and of high quality construction. You get what you pay for and with this product you'll feel like what you paid for was worth what you got.

Great product

Review Date: 9/19/2014
By: Esther52

This is a great processor for harder foods like potatoes, carrots, etc. it doesn't do as good of a job on leafy veggies like cabbage. Well made and I like the clamp base. It gives it more stability. Overall I would recommend this product for those kitchens that do a lot of potato and other harder vegetable processing.

Editorial Reviews

Vollrath claims four 2010 Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine Best In Class awards

When Vollrath speaks about setting the standard, it’s backed up by a wealth of knowledge and commitment to quality. These characteristics, as well as a desire to offer customers the best products available, have earned Vollrath four 2010 Foodservice Equipment & Supply Best In Class awards. They claimed top honors in the cookware, manual food choppers/slicers, induction cooktops and countertop batch ovens categories.

FSW customers rave about Vollrath sheet pans

Sheet pans - they must be sturdy, they must be dependable, or they must be tossed out. There simply isn’t room in an establishment for a product that doesn’t yield the best results. Vollrath’s sheet pans have been widely praised by our valued FSW customers - professionals that use these products every day. Their opinions speak volumes about the commitment to quality Vollrath puts into every item it produces. If you need the highest quality and most dependable sheet pans on the market, look no further than Vollrath.

Vollrath Sheet Pans

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Vollrath stainless steel cookware is valued by customers for a hard to find combination of long-lasting durability and excellent price value. These pieces will heat evenly and last for years to come. Not only that, but they feature an attractive construction great for open or partially open kitchens.

Vollrath Stainless Steel Cookware