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Vollrath (55062) - 1/4" Redco® InstaCut™ 5.0 Dicer - Replacement Blade Only


Ship Weight 1.65 lbs.
Food Type Multiple
Metal Type Aluminum
Slice Thickness .25"

Product Details

Keep your Redco® Instacut™ 5.0 Dicer (55000) working at its optimal capacity by regularly replacing the blade with a sharp 1/4" Redco® Instacut™ 5.0 Dice Blade (55062) from Vollrath. The blade is made for all types of vegetables and firmer fruits and will dice them evenly for consistent cooking and presentation with minimal damage or bruising. The blade can even be interchanged with a corer or wedger within a few seconds. Increase kitchen efficiency and improve the quality of your presentation by simply keeping a Redco® Instacut™ accessible.

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