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Vollrath (15052) - Redco® Instacut™ 3.5 - 6 Section T-Handle, Pusher Block & Blade


Ship Weight 2.7 lbs.
Handle Material Plastic
Metal Type Aluminum
Slices 6
Spatial Orientation Wall-Mounted

Product Details

The Redco® Instacut™ 3.5 - 4 Section T-Handle, Pusher Block & Blade (15052) is a replacement accessory for an interchangeable blade assembly unit that cuts fruit and vegetables into 6 section wedges. It fits into a 3.5 instacut table top cutting device and pushes the food through the device making the appropriate shaped pieces of food quickly and accurately, making this a good time saving device any kitchen would appreciate. Cleaning of this block and blade is easy by rinsing or spraying, but it is advised that no soap or scrub cloths be used as they can dull the blades.
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