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Since opening their factory doors in 1884, Victoriniox Swiss Army has been committed to delivering the finest cutlery in the world. Perhaps better known for making the Original Swiss Army Knife, it’s cutlery that Karl Elsener originally set out to make 126 years ago and that’s exactly what they’re doing to this day. Their tools are made of the most durable and highest quality materials available and they continue to find innovative ways to improve their function and design to better serve the millions of professionals who use them around the world.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

High Quality and Feels Great in Your Hand

Review Date: 11/24/2015
By: Coni

I have been looking for this exact knife for quite a while and I finally found it. These are the BEST pairing knives ever. The curved shape of these knives are so comfortable in your hand and they do an excellent job on whatever you are using them for. BEST PAIRING KNIVES EVER!! I highly encourage you to try them, you will not want to use anything else, ever!


Review Date: 11/20/2015
By: trebor355

Used this knife the day I got it. Thought it would be a little sharper out of the box, buy a few passes on a steel dressed it up nicely. Cuts great and has a great grip, no slipping with this one.


Review Date: 11/6/2015
By: Sharon

Not only is this the best knife you will ever own, FSW sells it for the best price on the internet or anywhere else. Ships fast and everyone you give one to will love you for it!

Works very well as fillet knife

Review Date: 10/23/2015
By: Dockboy

I bought both the black handle and Rosewood handle knives. The blade of the rosewood is thicker than the black handle but both work well and held a sharp edge. I re sharpen with the DMT diamond Diafold blue red. I picked these because they are stainless vs Dexter

Great knife for boning big game

Review Date: 10/21/2015
By: Joel

After hunting and boning deer and elk in the mountains with hunting knives for many years, I got to thinking "Why not use what the pros use?" Hunting knives are great multipurpose tools, but boning knives are made for the job. I got to use this knife on a bull elk this year. The knife is light enough to carry into the mountains. More importantly, it made short work out of my elk not needing to be sharpened in the processs. I still used my hunting knife to gut and skin, but this knife was perfect for the job.

Editorial Reviews

Premium Forged Cutlery

Traditionally hot dropped in the heartland of forged cutlery, Solingen, Germany, and finished in Ibach, Switzerland, Victorinox’s line of premium forged knives are expertly crafted to be the best the world has to offer. The unique forging process creates a hardened blade with superior elasticity that is extremely strong and holds its sharpness longer.

Fibrox® Handles

Patented Fibrox® handles are made from an ultra-durable polyamide that is textured, slip-resistant when wet and ergonomically designed to reduce tension in the wrist. It is easy to clean and meets the highest hygienic standards with NSF approval. The unique material is available in a large range of cutlery ideal for busy restaurant kitchens or home use.

World Renowned Sharpness

Victorinox stamped blades are conically ground length and crosswise to achieve a wider break point. This makes them create less friction when cutting and more resistant to fracturing. They are then polished, finished and laser tested to ensure the sharpest edge possible.

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