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About Victoria Arduino

Victoria Arduino explain it best themselves. They simply say that they’re a symbol of elegant, stunning, world-class espresso machines since 1905. When Pier Teresio Arduino, the man who founded Victorial Arduino, built his first espresso machine over a century ago, he set about building a machine that would blend the modern with the classical, sophisticated technology with traditional, graceful styling. Today his singular vision remains a vibrant and essential philosophy of Victoria Arduino moving into the future.

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The Adonis

A character from Greek mythology, Adonis was the man who was so handsome that he stole the hearts of Aphrodite, Persephone and Helene. The Adonis from Victoria Arduino is certainly handsome enough to steal the hearts of many espresso lovers. Its daring, modern styling is only half the story, however. Behind its stunning beauty lies some of the most advanced espresso machine technology available today, ensuring that the Adonis will pour espresso that tastes as wonderful as it looks.

Victoria Arduiro Adonis

The Athena Leva

Designed for espresso purists, the Athena Leva is a manual, lever-operated espresso machine. In keeping with the philosophy of Pier Teresio Arduino the Athena Leva brings the traditional lever espresso machine into the present. The perfect balance to the Adonis, the Athena Leva literally “pulls” espresso shots in the exact same way they were originally pulled over 100 years ago. Though it certainly takes the hand of a steady and experience barista, the Athena will still pull magnificent shots of espresso that will satiate purists and blow away any espresso aficionado.

Victoria Arduiro Athena Leva


Since its founding in 1905, Victoria Arduino has seen and participated in quite a bit of history, and through their innovative and influential espresso machines, they’ve played important roles in shaping both Italian and world espresso culture throughout the 20th and into the 21st centuries. By 1924, for example, King Vittorio Emanuele III of Spain personally congratulated the staff of Victoria Arduino on their exquisite espresso machines

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