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Update International (MEA-100PC) - 1 Quart Plastic Measuring Cup


Ship Weight .38 lbs.
Base Material Plastic
Measuring Capacity 1 Quart
Plastic Type Polycarbonate

Product Details

Food measurement is a simple but critical task for kitchens that prepare food on site for customers versus using prepackaged materials. As a result, measuring cups need to be ever-present for quick calculations and exact ingredient usage. The 1 qt Plastic Measuring Cup (MEA-100PC) provides chefs with the perfect tool for mixing, with an easy to see through surface and clear measurement markings. Even better, the measuring cup is made of unbreakable polycarbonate, so it can handle the rigors of a commercial kitchen. Easy to clean and re-use, the Plastic Measuring Cup is as essential as a spatula in a kitchen.

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