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Turbo Air is committed to being the most respected company in the refrigeration industry by providing aesthetically-pleasing products and applying superior concepts of design and technology. Using the highest standards and technology available, they aim to meet and exceed the most stringent of clean and energy-efficient manufacturing requirements now and in the future.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Fantastic Service

Review Date: 7/10/2015
By: rtcfair

Very attractive, energy efficient and the perfect size for our commercial fair kitchen.

Blazing hot

Review Date: 6/3/2015
By: EZbeef

I purchased a new 6 eye burner and I am completely happy with it. Even flames and high BTU's make for great cooking.

Nice compact size sink but lacks product quality

Review Date: 6/2/2015
By: teamaster

Needed a compact sink with drain boards and this 72" 3-bay Turbo Air certainly was the right size and fit nicely but for the price I paid I feel there are some serious quality issues - the back of the sink was warped so it did not fit up against the wall as well as it should, drain boards slant away instead of towards the sink so they don't drain properly, one sink bay is sprung up in the middle so it does not drain completely, it was literally impossible to get all of the legs straight with the adjustments due to the way the leg receptacles were fabricated on the base of the sink. I can use the product but will have to figure out what can be done with some areas in order to pass inspection for use. FSW did offer the best price on this product and had free shipping so that was great but needless to say I am fairly disappointed in the product itself - I almost feel this particular product may have been 'seconds'.

Nice Product for the Cost

Review Date: 5/29/2015
By: Fijibob

Always a pleasure working with Beccy at FSW. Give her a raise

Fits perfectly

Review Date: 2/12/2015
By: Catch27

Everything works great! It has good temperature control and fits great in our kitchen.

Editorial Reviews

Recent Editorial Reviews
Great For Restaurants With Cook Lines
By Jon, FSW Product Expert
Review Date: 6/19/2009

High Quality Materials, Always in Stock
By Jon, FSW Product Expert
Review Date: 6/18/2009

Super Deluxe Series sets the standard

Turbo Air’s Super Deluxe Series sets this manufacturer’s standard for excellence. All Super Deluxe Series products feature an all-stainless steel interior and exterior and utilize only the best-quality components. Every door in this line has self-closing and stay-open features, making your employees’ labor easier regardless of whether they’re just making a quick grab or are loading or unloading heavy product.

Turbo Air Super Deluxe Series Products

Maximum value – Turbo Air’s M3 Series

Turbo Air’s M3 Series pushes the refrigeration industry’s conventional standards to maximum production and efficiency levels, featuring oversized evaporators and condensers to produce faster cooling. An added bonus is remarkably greater efficiency, because the refrigeration system doesn’t have to run as long because of its increased cooling capabilities. All M3 Series models have stainless steel interiors and fronts, where the need for exceptional durability is greatest.

Turbo Air M3 Series Products

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