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About Tucker

Vincent Tucker was a caterer in southern California when he discovered the need to develop better protection to prevent his employees from getting burned. The BurnGuard ® (with VaporGuard ® ) product was the first and only product developed specifically for the foodservice industry, where the cooking environment creates extreme conditions – heat, flame, hot liquid and steam. Tucker can provide you with quality products that make your kitchen a safer place.


BurnGuard® Effective Protective Apparel is like nothing else on the market today. It does the job and does it right: it truly and effectively protects the kitchen worker against burn injury. These products are washable and durable so they can be kept sanitary and last longer.

Tucker BurnGuard®


These products have all the features of the regular BurnGuard® apparel with the added benefit of a VaporGuard® outside and inside barrier allowing the product to be wiped cleaned easily.

Tucker QuicKleanTM


The Tucker SteamGloveTM hand protection is made with SteamGuard barrier material, which is able to withstand oven range temperatures and hot oil without melting. This product offers excellent protection from a wide array of chemicals, hot water and liquids.

Tucker SteamGloveTM


Silicone material is excellent for meeting the demands of the commercial food service environment. It has a high level of heat resistance and is superior to Neoprene in flexibility and durability. Silicone also inhibits the growth of bacteria to keep the kitchen more sanitary.

Tucker SiliGloveTM


KutGloveTM cut resistant gloves have been designed using the latest technology in the industry to bring you the lightest weight and most dexterous cut resistant glove with the maximum cut resistance available. This product also offers antimicrobial protection that is guaranteed throughout the life of each glove.

Tucker KutGloveTM

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