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About Town Food Equipment

Town Food Service Equipment was founded in 1929 as a small sheet metal shop near New York City’s Chinatown where it supplied the Chinese restaurants in the area with fabricated equipment. After many years of working the Asian restaurant community, Town transformed into a major supplier of Asian cooking equipment, tools and restaurant supplies. Today Town Food Service continues to grow and cater to the needs of Asian restaurants.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

NOT extre Fine!

Review Date: 10/26/2015
By: restaurant owner

It's just FINE mesh, NOT extra fine. Be careful. You may lose money.

A little too small

Review Date: 10/11/2015
By: Tim56

I found this one to be too small as a replacement for the one below. I bought this to replace one I cracked by accidently overheating it on top of the stove (high heat). It was 7.75 inches by 5 inches, it was the perfect size for cooking a single meal. Any bigger and it would be too big. I have cooked in a clay pot for years. Cooking for one or two persons' this is perfect, I rarely use my cast iron pots. I ended up buying a replacement which I had to drive 40 miles to get and it was slightly larger than my original. I wish FSW would offer the same size as my original. In case your wondering, I cook a stew, meat & vegetables, no oil needed, add a little water and you will have a nice broth, spaghetti and meat for one oh yea. And vegetarian foods are easy peazy too.

Excellent product!

Review Date: 9/25/2015
By: Italianmama

If you are looking for a food steamer set, this is the one and only to buy. This item costs 3 times the amount at competitor companies. I order almost everything from here! Prices are great and products surpass my expectations every time!

Heavy duty !

Review Date: 8/8/2015
By: Lazlo57

I love this shovel, it's huge and well made. I may never wear it out.

high quality

Review Date: 10/27/2015
By: timjonesjr5

The skimmer is made solidly.I've been using for months with no Issues. it's high quality.

Editorial Reviews

Asian Restaurant Smallwares

Town Food Service makes all of the Asian kitchen tools and tabletop supplies you need to make, serve and enjoy delicious Asian food and drink whether at home or in a restaurant. With everything from cute panda-themed mugs and attractive tabletop supplies to Asian cooking utensils, sushi tools and so much more, Town Food Service has you covered.

Cantonese Wok Range

This gas Cantonese wok ranges is made to hold Cantonese-Style Woks and provide the heat necessary for Cantonese cooking applications. This range has a 16” diameter chamber to fit a 20” diameter wok and has a Three Ring Burner for the widest range of settings and smallest amount of maintenance.

Mandarin Wok Range

This Mandarin wok range is made to hold Mandarin woks and provide the heat necessary for Mandarin cooking applications. It has a 13” diameter chamber that will hold a 14” or 16” diameter wok. Town Food offers many different burner types to choose from in order to best suit your needs.

Wok Cart

This unique portable wok range allows preparation of Chinese cuisine at tables in a restaurant or catering events. It uses a 25# propane cylinder to power the high performance burner. Made of reinforced stainless steel, this range cart is sure to be the centerpiece of any Asian function.

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