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About Toastmaster

Toastmaster has built their business by backing reliable, durable and cost-effective products. By designing a product line that can be customized in every way possible—electric or gas, lava rock or radiant, deck oven or convection—Toastmaster appeals to every client in foodservice industry. Optimizing quality and price, they offer solid construction and proven control systems that produce consistently delicious results. With a catalogue that ranges from a small, two-slot pop-up toaster to a six-burner stovetop on a convection oven, the product selection is broad and inclusive without overwhelming the customer. No matter what you’re cooking, you’ll find a competitive Toastmaster product that will improve the efficiency and quality of your service.

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Toastmaster Four-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster (TP409) Toastmaster (TP409) - Four-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster
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Toastmaster Four-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster (TP424) Toastmaster (TP424) - Four-Compartment Pop-Up Toaster
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Toastmaster 400 Slice/Hr Conveyor Toaster (TC17D) Toastmaster (TC17D) - 400 Slice/Hr Conveyor Toaster
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Exceptional Variety

With so many options and accessories, you’re sure to find a Toastmaster product that fits your needs. Almost every piece of equipment in the catalogue can be configured to a customer’s specifications. For example, every item in the line of sturdy restaurant ranges can be mounted on either a convection oven or a deck oven, so you can choose the unit that manages your menu most effectively. The range can feature several combinations of flat top griddle plates and round hot plates, so you’ll be comfortable cooking on a Toastmaster no matter what’s simmering on the stovetop.

Economical for Your Space and Your Wallet

Toastmaster knows that you’re as reluctant to waste an inch of counter space as you are a dollar of profit. To please thrifty customers, they provide durable, affordable products without sacrificing quality. If your kitchen can’t spare the space or the revenue for another range but you’re desperate for a few extra burners, try one of the Pro-Series Hot Plates. Even with just a twelve-inch width, they have the cooking power to handle any of your gourmet recipes.

Half-Size and Countertop Cooking

If you like to experiment with new menu items and interesting cuisine fusions, Toastmaster offers products that will let you perfect your new flavors. A new dish might be a bit hit if you inject a little bit of rich smokiness into your ingredients, but smokers can be bulky and greasy. With one of Toastmaster’s Half-Size Smokers, you’ll get that satisfying, real-wood smoked flavor from a compact machine. Or maybe you’re attempting to bake for the first time and need an efficient convection oven even though you have nowhere to put it. The Half-Size Omni Tabletop Convection Oven can fit up to four half-size sheet pans, so you can start specializing in four different varieties of irresistibly gooey brownies.

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