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Thunder Group (WDSP1108) - Bakelite Underliner for IRSP1108

Thunder Group WDSP1108 Bakelite Underliner for IRSP1108-(0) Thunder Group WDSP1108 Bakelite Underliner for IRSP1108-(0)


Ship Weight 1.07 lbs.
Base Material Metal
Dimensions (W x D) 13.75" x 8.38"
Metal Type Stainless Steel

Product Details

No matter whether serving up mouth-watering, thick-cut cuts of steak or delectable chicken fajitas, Thunder Group's stainless steel sizzling platters, when paired with the Bakelite underliner for IRSP1108 (WDSP1108), will spice up any dish. This ensemble (sold separately) is sure to delight customers looking for something a little different from a standard plate. There’s just something about a sizzling-hot platter that brings a festive mood to any table. This underliner is made of Bakelite, which offers superior heat resistance to help prevent potential burns from the sizzling platter.

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List Price: $107.28
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