Thunder Group (PLTN4100) - Numbered Card Set, 1-100

Thunder Group PLTN4100 Numbered Card Set, 1-100


Ship Weight .76 lbs.
Base Material Plastic
Dimensions (H x W) 4" x 4"
Ending Number 100
Numbers Included 1 - 100
Starting Number 1

Product Details

Organizing seating at a large event such as a wedding reception or charity luncheon can be a terribly difficult endeavor, as many guests may be unfamiliar with the venue and where they are expected to sit. However, with the proper coordination and some table card numbers, this task can be considerably less painful. Thunder Group has a simple yet economical way to display which table is which in its Numbered Card Set, 1-100 (PLTN4100). These cards will make seating a breeze, as a quick glance at a seating chart and a properly-displayed 4 inch square table card will easily eliminate confusion as guests arrive at the event.

List Price: $18.40
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