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Thunder Group (JAS014270) - 11" Japanese Sashimi Knives

Thunder Group JAS014270 11" Japanese Sashimi Knives-(0) Thunder Group JAS014270 11" Japanese Sashimi Knives-(0)


Ship Weight .3 lbs.
Blade Length 10.75"
Blade Tip Pointed
Edge Type Hollow Ground Edge
Handle Material Wood
Knife Style Sashimi Knife
Length 15.5"
Metal Type Stainless Steel
Steel Shaping Method Stamped
Wood Type Rosewood

Product Details

Japanese Sashimi Knives (JAS014270) brought to you by Thunder Group. This knife slices sashimi into the required texture and is made with a riveted wooden handle. Some general good practices and safety measures for maintaining your knives: A sharp knife is safer than a dull one because it requires less pressure in cutting, (also the knife will not slip as easily and your hand will not tire as quickly). Hold the knife firmly in your hand and cut away from the body. Use a wood or poly-ethylene cutting board (a hard surface does not "give" when cut upon). After handling a knife, lay it down in a cleared area, with the blade and point away from the body, and away from the edge of the table or cutting area. Do not wash with other utensils.

$455.99 /case of 6
List Price: $973.14
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