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About Thunder Group

Thunder Group, Inc. had its humble beginning in the small city of Keelung, Taiwan and has grown into one of the largest manufacturers and international distributors of melamine dinnerware, flatware and restaurant supplies. Their mission is to provide the highest quality and the largest selection of products while focusing on quality, innovation and safety.

Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Shouldn't have hestitated to get it

Review Date: 9/28/2014
By: wcdiva

I have been looking for one of these for years and could never afford one. I decided to take a chance on this one, can't beat the price! I can't believe what a difference this has made. I have degenerative disc disease in neck and back and this had made rolling things out much, much easier. It required a little light sanding, and I oiled with board oil 5 times before I used it--it just soaked up the oil. It has a little tiny split in the edge but it's very tiny and I sanded it smooth. This has been the perfect size that I was looking for also. Most others will say they are 18" but they measure handle to handle, I wanted the roller to be 18 in and that's what this is. This was even heavier than a $100.00 one that I had been eyeing by 2#. I love this!

These are a lot smaller in person than I expected. It is probably my fault as I'm sure the true measurements are listed but I thought they'd be heavy/sturdy enough to hold Table Numbers at a wedding. They topple. I'm not sure how they'd hold a menu either. I'm looking into modifying them instead of returning them.

Great purchase

Review Date: 9/24/2014
By: heavy h

The spoons I ordered are great! They will be perfect for gifts and diy projects.

Just as advertised

Review Date: 9/19/2014
By: aseigfried

Solid but still light weight, very tight ring easily holds up card stock. My only complaint is that the box they came in smelled of body odor, somebody at the warehouse needs a bath.

awesome containers, if you know what youre getting

Review Date: 9/17/2014
By: donjon

These containers are great, easily washable, stain resistant and a nice size. Keep in mind the lids are NOT air tight. I use this to my advantage, I aerobically ferment vegetables and kombucha in these containers with great results. The really nice thing is that they are very smell / stain resistant. The old brew buckets I was using for kombucha started to get pretty funky over a month or two of fermentation. These containers are also polypropylene (like the brew bucket), but must have a different polymer length or resin composition because Ive had absolutely no issues with smell or stain leaching with constant use over the last few months.

Editorial Reviews

Thunder Group Sheet Pans Make Baking Easy

Thunder Group sheet pans are made from aluminum, which means anything you bake on these pans will be sure to heat evenly. Thunder Group sheet pans come in both full and half size models, and here you can also find plastic sheet pan covers, which makes storing your baked goods easier than ever.

Thunder Group Sheet Pans

Shop Thunder Group Guest Check Holders

Guest check presenters are an essential tool for waitstaff in any food service environment. These handy helpers make it easy to serve customers their bill, receive payment and tips with elegance and tact. Thunder Group guest check holders are affordable and made from durable material, so they will not need to be frequently replaced.

Thunder Group Guest Check Presenters

Cocktail Containers

Cocktail containers go by many names: juice containers, bar mix pourers, mix-in pourers, easy-pourers and, of course, cocktail containers. These versatile tools can be used for a number of functions in any busy bar setting. They can be used to mix ingredients and store for easy cocktail creations. They fit easily in a reach-in refrigerator or a speed rail for easy access. Thunder Group cocktail containers come in a variety of colors, so differentiating between products is easy and cross-contamination highly unlikely.

Thunder Group Cocktail Containers

Squeeze Bottles

Squeeze bottles can be found in a variety of settings, from brew pubs to burger joints and other casual eateries. Thunder Group squeeze bottles come in the traditional red, yellow and clear styles, to hold ketchup, mustard and any other condiment you can dream up. These bottles also come in a variety of capacities, suitable for any size of business.

Thunder Group Squeeze Bottles