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Hungry customers, shrinking kitchens, high demand: it’s enough to bring any restaurant owner to their knees. Luckily for you, Supera doesn’t concern itself with limitations. In fact, this line of kitchen equipment is built to keep those overwhelming moments contained to a dull roar. You can easily and seamlessly fortify your kitchen with space-friendly, high-producing cooking equipment. Supera also offers superior commercial refrigeration with both traditional and undercounter models available, as well as refrigerated prep tables to help keep ingredients fresh and your kitchen humming along. With Supera you can cook, cool and rule.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Review by Cafe2015

Review Date: 11/25/2015
By: Cafe2015

awesome deep fryer

Review Date: 11/24/2015
By: candy a

It was very affordable. ..I thought because it was a good price I wouldn't be getting quality but was is very affordable and a great deep highly recommend

Awesome unit....Great Value

Review Date: 11/23/2015
By: Servsafemanager

Our non profit purchased this unit for use in our food pantry that serves over 1000 families a month and provides holiday food baskets to over 2000. Great addition to our existing equipment. The customer service is outstanding and above and beyond any other company we have dealt with in the past.

SUPER fast delivery

Review Date: 11/22/2015
By: QIS3800

Ordered the item and got a call saying item is on back order for 2 weeks. Delivery truck showed up 4 days after the order was placed. Excellent and responsive service. THANKS

Fit into the space perfectly!! It's working great!

Editorial Reviews

LineCook Pro®

Supera Cooking Equipment is designed with smooth sides for a reason and it isn’t just because it looks good. You can butt your LineCook Pro® Griddles, Charbroilers and Hot Plates against one another to form a seamless station where your line cooks can flourish. The LineCook Pro® lets you customize your kitchen any way that you see fit.

Supera LineCook Pro®

Water Comes In, Goodness Comes Out

Water undergoes some pretty crazy things in order to find its way to you. That doesn't mean that when it does arrive that it will be perfect. Supera Beverage Machine Water Filters and Supera Ice Machine Water Filtration Systems ensure the water or ice you use for your sodas, coffees and teas don’t overpower your beverages with foul flavor. They also extend the life and improve the performance of your machines.

Supera Water Filters

Keepin' It Clean

Unfortunately, your water filters can't live forever. When the time comes, they need to be swapped out so that your water stays clean and delicious. Well, it doesn't get any easier to swap 'em out than with Supera Replacement Cartridges for the Water Filtration Systems. You can keep the plastic housing installed and all you have to do is change the cartridge. C'mon, how easy is that?

Supera Replacement Cartridges for Water Filtration Systems

Cold-Blooded Chillers

Refrigeration is one of life’s little luxuries that we often take for granted. Supera’s selection of refrigerators range from Glass Door Merchandisers to Pizza Prep Tables and include everything in between. The quiet compressors will work hard day and night to make sure that your food stays cold so your customers stay happy!

Supera Refrigeration

Kitchen Hot Spots

Cooking is your passion. Supera is simply here to set your spirit free by providing excellent equipment that will get you through the busiest shifts with ease. Choose from one of our Charbroilers, Griddles, Hot Plates, Fryers, or chose all four – either way you’ll be impressed. High standards of performance paired with a range of options makes this decision a no-brainer.

Supera Cooking Equipment

Water on the Rocks

Whether they’re off to the lake for a weekend fishing trip or shipping out for their kid’s cross-state soccer tournament, one thing remains constant: they are going to need ice and plenty of water. With the Supera Ice & Water Vending Machine, you can help stock coolers by the dock or create an oasis at the soccer field so that fish stay fresh and those budding soccer stars hydrated. This amazing dispenser is also great for convenience stores, car washes, golf courses and more!

Chilled to Perfection

There’s nothing better than an icy cold beverage on a hot summer day. Supera Glass Door Merchandisers keep your water, flavored beverages and certain foods cold, even on the hottest of days. These merchandisers come with crystal clear glass doors making it easy for your customers to spot their favorite beverage that’s chilled to icy perfection.

Supera Sliding Door Glass Door Merchandisers

Solve Your Dirty Dish Dilemma

Kitchens can look like a tornado touched down by the end of the evening rush, but that doesn't mean clean up should involve pulling an all nighter. Supera High-Temp Door-Type Dishwashers ensures your dishes get cleaned and sanitized correctly. And the included booster keeps water at the optimal high heat rinse temperature ensuring your dishes will always be sparkling with no residue.

Supera Dishwashers

Holds the Weight of the World!

It's the little things that make a work table better than the weakling competition. This superior construction is hand formed and welded to create the perfect design in craftsmanship. These work tables are the perfect combination of size and performance to create a functional work station for each of your equipment pieces from the Supera LineCook Pro® countertop series.

Supera Stainless Steel Work Tables

The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

Supera Stainless Steel Equipment Stands are perfect for work and storage, multi-tasking at its finest! They comes with an adjustable height galvanized steel under shelf that holds a variety of items to fit your kitchens design. These equipment stands are the perfect combination of size and performance to create a functional space for your Supera LineCook Pro® countertop equipment.

Supera Stainless Steel Equipment Stands

Clean Zone

A Supera sink may not be the dream equipment you’ve always imagined for your kitchen. It doesn’t sizzle, grill, boil, fry or bake; but man, it sure does a good job getting your kitchen items clean. So go ahead and admire its smooth clean finish, before you fill it up with all those dirty dishes.

Supera Stainless Steel Sinks

Introducing Pinch by Supera!

Are you looking for Smallwares and Janitorial products? Well, they've moved onto to a new home. Pinch By Supera has all of the smallwares you've known and loved. Whether you're in the market for a new frying pan or want something new to put your trash in, a Pinch is all you need.

Pinch by Supera

Cold Cut Deli Slices!

Wherever your food industry vision takes you, start with Supera for your business growth innovation. We take value, safety and durability into account for our meat slicer equipment. With protective blade covers and built in sharpening systems, you’ll be impressed with our high quality equipment designed for premium cold cut deli slices.

Supera Meat Slicers

Kitchen Growth Problem Solver

It’s inevitable, your kitchen will require additional equipment as you grow, and that’s where Supera can help. Because every environment is different, the compact design of our stock pot ranges lets you customize your kitchen any way that works for you.

Supera LineCook Pro®

Hook it. Beat it. Whip it.

Some equipment is essential to fulfill your kitchens requirements. Whether you run a small family bakery or a large commercial kitchen, Supera has the right countertop or floor mixer to compliment your equipment line. We offer a variety of options and sizes, so no matter which you prefer, you’ll find our our durable mixers to be ready to hook, beat and whip any of your recipes into existence.

Planetary Mixers and Accessories

Introducing Supera

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