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About Supera

Hungry customers, shrinking kitchens, high demand: it’s enough to bring any restaurant owner to their knees. Luckily for you, Supera doesn’t concern itself with limitations. In fact, this superior line of kitchen equipment and smallwares is built to keep those overwhelming moments contained to a dull roar. You can easily and seamlessly fortify your kitchen with space-friendly, high-producing cooking equipment. Supera also offers superior commercial refrigeration with both traditional and undercounter models available, as well as refrigerated prep tables to help keep ingredients fresh and your kitchen humming along. And don’t think we forgot about the details because our line of smallwares encompasses a range of products that will delight even the pickiest chef. With Supera you can cook, cool and rule.

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Learn more about Supera Products!

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Introducing Supera

Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Excellent item

Review Date: 7/22/2014
By: Alli

I bought this for out store it's great thanks guys

Freezer, Refrigerator & salad bar

Review Date: 7/22/2014
By: Prat

I bought this items 3 weeks ago ! Got delivered as promised ! Great prices ! Free delivery ! Works great ! Yah Wonderful customer service !

Great Fridge!

Review Date: 7/22/2014
By: SmBatchCreamery

We love the temp display on the front, it seems to cycle between 33 and 38 degrees. We store quite a lot of milk and cream in our tiny commercial ice cream kitchen. The shelves as they come are just barely tall enough to fit a gallon of milk on each shelf, which worked out well for us. The shelves bend a little in the middle, but this is only when they are LOADED wall to wall with gallons of milk and quarts of cream. Other than that they are very sturdy and I'm not worried about them giving out. The amount of space you get inside for the footprint you give up is very good. And the price with free shipping was fantastic. It was a pretty easy choice to get this model from Food Service Warehouse and so far we are very happy with the purchase (we have only had it about a month, so we can not attest to the longevity). The fridge arrived within a week with the free shipping.


Review Date: 7/22/2014
By: Jeanea

Bought the fryer a nd it was the best price for such a beautiful piece of equipment.customer service was patient and very helpful they even call back. Fryer super easy to put together and cooks fast and wonderful. I use it to fry chiken.

Great Product

Review Date: 7/22/2014
By: stacy978

I purchased these for use in my restaurant. They are larger than what you usually find. They are well made and easy to clean.

Editorial Reviews


When it comes time to do what you love, you should be using essential items that you love just as much! Supera has designed this line of Smallwares to find a home in your kitchen and in your heart. Be sure to check back often because our line is constantly growing to better fit your needs.

LineCook Pro®

Supera Cooking Equipment is designed with smooth sides for a reason and it isn’t just because it looks good. You can butt your LineCook Pro® Griddles, Charbroilers and Hot Plates against one another to form a seamless station where your line cooks can flourish. The LineCook Pro® lets you customize your kitchen any way that you see fit.

Supera LineCook Pro®

Cold-Blooded Chillers

Refrigeration is one of life’s little luxuries that we often take for granted. Supera’s selection of refrigerators range from Glass Door Merchandisers to Pizza Prep Tables and include everything in between. The quiet compressors will work hard day and night to make sure that your food stays cold so your customers stay happy!

Supera Refrigeration

Kitchen Hot Spots

Cooking is your passion. Supera is simply here to set your spirit free by providing excellent equipment that will get you through the busiest shifts with ease. Choose from one of our Charbroilers, Griddles, Hot Plates, Fryers, or chose all four – either way you’ll be impressed. High standards of performance paired with a range of options makes this decision a no-brainer.

Supera Cooking Equipment

Water Comes In, Goodness Comes Out

Water undergoes some pretty crazy things in order to find its way to you. That doesn't mean that when it does arrive that it will be perfect. Supera Beverage Machine Water Filters and Supera Ice Machine Water Filtration Systems ensure the water or ice you use for your sodas, coffees and teas don’t overpower your beverages with foul flavor. They also extend the life and improve the performance of your machines.

Supera Water Filters

Keepin' It Clean

Unfortunately, your water filters can't live forever. When the time comes, they need to be swapped out so that your water stays clean and delicious. Well, it doesn't get any easier to swap 'em out than with Supera Replacement Cartridges for the Water Filtration Systems. You can keep the plastic housing installed and all you have to do is change the cartridge. C'mon, how easy is that?

Supera Replacement Cartridges for Water Filtration Systems