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About Simple Green

The Simple Green® concept began around 30 years ago when the father and son founders developed a more environmentally acceptable cleaner as an alternative to the toxic cleaners then used on coffee roasting machines. From there the company grew into Sunshine Makers, Inc , under which Simple Green was introduced to the public. It now encompasses consumer and industrial product lines, both of which include only 100 percent naturally derived ingredients.

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All Simple Green products are completely biodegradable. In order to be biodegradable, a chemical or product must be able to decompose. Decomposition involves breaking down into simpler components with the help of enzymes, bacteria and other living organisms or by natural elements like sunlight, water, air or soil. Biodegradable objects become nutrient sources for organisms within nature, often in soil or water.

Recyclable Packaging

Recycling is a key component of modern waste management, and Simple Green promotes this essential piece by packing its products in recyclable plastic spray bottles and gallon bottles, as well as larger bulk containers. In fact, Simple Green is the very first cleaning product manufacturer to offer a cleaning product in an all-PET grip-handle-bottle.

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