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Schneider has a rich heritage steeped in European cuisine. For 30 years, Schneider has been based out of a town in southwest Germany. All Schneider goods are made in one of four European sites. Goods made by Schneider are of the highest quality to meet the standards of clients in over 50 different countries. See the difference that European kitchen wares can make in the quality of your cooking with Schneider.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Great Service

Review Date: 2/23/2015
By: EvangelineG

I can not believe that I got my supply delivery on time record, and on Christmas time, save my day!!!!! Thanks

Very practical for what we wanted in the product

Review Date: 12/4/2014
By: Karnac

I am a distributor and we sold it to one of our customers and he was very happy withn the product

A very sharp knife but packaging is a little too hard to open

1 Liter Spraying Bottle

Review Date: 9/7/2014
By: TinFish

Works for our lemon juice, but not for spraying oil on the flat top. Bottle itself is excellent quality.

A Top Shelf Knife

Review Date: 5/13/2014
By: MarshallD

Look out, because this knife comes out of the box SUPER SHARP! Easily the sharpest, best performing "hard crusty bread cutter" I've ever used. The handle fits comfortably, and the serrated blade is a thing of beauty. Looks like this one could well be the last bread cutter I'll ever need.

Editorial Reviews

Superior German Quality

Schneider strives to build a better product than their cheaper overseas competitors. Schneider products are all built in Europe and the difference in quality is striking. Try Schneider and you'll have quality confectionery and baking supplies for years to come instead of cheap supplies that will need replacing after only a few months.

Silicone Molds

Cut down on oils and greases normally required for baking with Schneider professional silicone molds. Silicone molds bake just as well as any other bakeware; however there are a few distinct advantages. Silicone bakeware won't rust or dent like metal or ceramic bakeware, additionally silicone bakeware is naturally non-stick and doesn't require the same amount of greasing that normal baking pans do. Lastly silicone conducts heat very slowly, meaning no more scorch marks on your counter and more even cooking of your baked goods.

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