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Schneider (201210) - 8-1/2” Rattan Bread Proofing Bowl


Ship Weight .54 lbs.
Base Material Rattan
Basket Shape Round
Diameter 8.6"
Loaf Size 2.2 lbs.

Product Details

Many baking enterprises use the 8.6” Bread Proofing Baskets Rattan (201210) for their daily duties. This item has the capacity to hold 2.2 pounds of dough and it can be used to store it during the rising stage. The rattan material from which the basket is made is suitable for this type of food, and it is a traditional method of storage which is recognized by many of the bakeries that operate locally and further afield. The diameter of the basket measures 8.6” and its base features a plaited pattern. This is a rounded item which is capable of supporting heavy quantities of bread dough.
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