Royal Industries (ROY WP 30) - 30" Wood Paddle

Royal Industries ROY WP 30 30" Wood Paddle-(0) Royal Industries ROY WP 30 30" Wood Paddle-(0)


Ship Weight 1.08 lbs.
Base Material Wood
Length 30"

Product Details

Creating large batches of your signature soups and stews requires some special equipment because the pots or kettles used in such endeavors create some unique cooking conditions. One item necessary for this task is a paddle, which will be handy in stirring your culinary concoction. Royal Industries has the perfect item for the job in its 30” wood paddle (ROY WP 30). This wooden paddle features a long handle to help reach the bottom of deep pots and kettles without hunching over. It has a tapered edge for easier stirring and scraping.

List Price: $9.84
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