Royal Industries (ROY 412) - Nickel-Plated King Can Punch

Royal Industries ROY 412 Nickel-Plated King Can Punch-(0) Royal Industries ROY 412 Nickel-Plated King Can Punch-(0)


Ship Weight .31 lbs.
Base Material Metal
Can Punch Yes
Length 7"
Metal Type Nickel-Plated
Spatial Orientation Hand-Held

Product Details

Many mixed drinks require ingredients such as tomato or pineapple juice that the bartender will need a can punch to open. Royal Industries has a perfect tool in its Nickel-Plated King Can Punch (ROY 412). With this sturdy can punch, a bartender can quickly open a can and deposit its contents into cocktail container for future use. This will eliminate a lot of the time and hassle associated with pouring directly from a can and it also provides a better presentation for your patrons. Using a can punch on cans of juice also has the added benefit of creating a built-in pour spout on the top of the can to prevent spills and mess.

List Price: $1.44
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