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About Royal Industries

Royal Industries is an innovative leader in the Foodservice Industry, serving a nationwide market as importers of commercial foodservice products for the restaurant, hospitality and institutional industries. Their commitment is to the highest standard for all their manufactured products assuring customers that they use only the highest quality materials and construction techniques.

Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Great Features!!

Review Date: 11/12/2014
By: jon26

I bought this because there is no other way to serve chowder. Nice pot!

These are a simple Card Holder that stand up well. The only issue I have is that some on them have to be squeezed together to hold a card.


Review Date: 10/28/2014
By: jlb217

Great, quality product and super fast shipping! Thanks!

Excellent value, good performance & quality

Review Date: 10/26/2014
By: CookingEngineer

I own three sizes of these Royal stainless/non-stick frypans (8”, 9” & 11”). All of them represent very good performance and dollar value, especially when you compare them with similarly priced pans from other manufacturers (you won’t find many at all that are worth considering). Royal’s frypans compare favorably with some other brands that cost several times more. All of Royal’s frypans have thick, heavy induction pads on the bottom, yielding very uniform temperatures across the bottom of the pans. These pans are exceptional in this respect and do a very good job for most frying tasks. The interiors (including the rivets that secure the handles) are coated with a mid-grade non-stick coating, commensurate with the cost of these pans. With reasonable care (avoiding metal utensils and very high cooking temperatures), the non-stick coating should have a reasonable lifespan. The pouring lips are very effective – no dribbling down the outside of the pans. The serviceable stainless steel handles are secured to the pans by four rivets. With clean hands, this handle design works just fine on the smaller pans, but can become really slippery if your hands are wet or oily. The larger sizes (12” & 14”) include much-needed assist handles. There are some negatives, too: I really like the welded-on handles on Royal’s saucepans. Their interiors are perfectly smooth, no rivet “bumps” to catch on your stirring utensils. Plus, it makes them really easy to clean. I would like to see a similar handle-attaching process on these frypans. Even though the frypan’s four rivets are non-stick coated, they are still in the way, and can interfere with certain foods (crepes are one obvious one). Four sturdy, well-made TIG welds would do a better job, and shouldn’t cost any more than the rivets. Royal would be well served by switching to TIG welds instead of the spot welds used on many of their products (including the saucepans), for added strength and reliability, plus you can actually inspect the integrity of the welds (compared to spot welds, that are “hidden” between the two pieces being joined). The side walls of these pans are really thin, only around 0.028” / 0.7mm. Because the hefty induction pads don’t extend up the sides, the sides of the frypans never approach the cooking temperature of the bottom surface, especially if you are cooking with induction. With gas or radiant heat, you can actually encounter the opposite problem – the sides may overheat, compared to the bottoms. This thin metal stock also makes the pouring lip very susceptible to damage. In fact, two of my Royal pans had deformed lips when I received them, even though they were “double-boxed” for shipping. Luckily I was able to repair the damage with a soft hammer and a couple of wood blocks. I’m not sure how these pans would survive in a high production commercial environment where they may get tossed around or dropped. The flip side is that non-stick pans usually get replaced when the coating finally “croaks”. At least the Royal pans are relatively economical to replace. That is why I never recommend non-stick coating, unless your cooking task requires it, and especially not in expensive pans. When the coating dies, you are stuck with a useless, expensive pan. With reasonable care, a non-coated pan should last almost forever.

My Quarterly Pot

Review Date: 10/21/2014
By: Tony 47

Works so well making stocks. Plan to make chicken or beef stocks 4 times a year.

Editorial Reviews

Table Card Holders

Table card holders by Royal Industries can be used for a variety of purposes: holding menus, table numbers, specials lists and any other tabletop signage you might want to employ. These holders come in a variety of attractive shapes and sizes, and are all affordably priced solutions to your table organization needs.

Royal Industries Table Card Holders

Cocktail Shakers

If your customers want it shaken and not stirred, you'll need one of these handy (and inexpensive!) tools. Royal Industries cocktail shakers come in a variety of sizes and are all made from handsome and durable stainless steel.

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Royal Industries mixing bowls are manufactured from durable stainless steel, and are available at extremely affordable prices. These bowls come in a variety of sizes, suitable for home cooks and professional chefs and bakers alike.

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Royal Industries egg rings are an excellent solution to making perfect fried eggs quick and easy. These rings ensure your eggs will be evenly cooked and uniformly shaped, making them easy to add to sandwiches and looking pretty. Royal Industries egg rings are made from stainless steel and come in a variety of sizes, all of which are extremely easy to afford.

Royal Industries Egg Rings

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