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Rosseto has been creating innovative food service and houseware products for over thirteen years. The company’s main goal is to produce and supply high quality, beautifully designed products that are also extremely functional. Rosseto continues its strong tradition of innovative product design that fits the needs of restaurants, catered events, buffets and more.

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Recent Reviews

Waste of money

Review Date: 6/13/2014
By: FynestChapman

Bought these cups a few months ago and I finally used them, Half of the cups were cracked and they refused to come apart because they were stuck together. And they brake so easy + it doesn't have the glass quality so people think one can't reuse it. I hate it and was very disappointed. It's suppose to be 240 cups but 3 rolls of 12 cups were all cracked.

Plastic Champagne Cups

Review Date: 6/5/2014
By: MapG

Brought this item for a reception. It added a taste of class without having to use glass.

Martini Cups= A Hit!

Review Date: 9/16/2015
By: rawexclamation

RAW! used these durable and quality plastic martini cups at our first Tasting Room. They were outstanding. We were even able to recycle some to use next time. When they are shipped to you they come in two pieces, which are simple to put together and very sturdy once connected. Thanks FSW- we'll definitely be ordering more in the future.

Review by Anonymous

Review Date: 6/1/2013
By: Anonymous

I purchased the clear cubes for presentation and height variety for a buffet table. The product is what I expected. Although I have only used them once so far, I do think they will be quite handy. I used them a little different by putting coordinating decorations in a box and sat a clear platter on top to serve food. It gave additional and unexpected decore.

Editorial Reviews

Liteware® Disposable Recyclable Dishes

Rosseto Liteware® Disposable Catering dishes are perfect for catering, parties, sampling stations, buffets and more. Use them for tapas, desserts, drink samples and small portions without the clean up because Liteware mini dishes are either reusable or recyclable. While the dishes make a bold statement on their own, pairing them with Rosseto’s Liteware® Serving Trays and Displays will make service more functional and visually appealing at the same time.

Rosseto Liteware® Disposable Recyclable Dishes

EZ-SERV™ Food Dispensers

EZ-SERV™ Dispensers are the absolute perfect solution for not only dispensing, but also displaying dry goods. Constructed of only the highest quality materials, these dispensers keep food fresh with gravity bin service that keeps the fresh served first and doesn’t crumble and crush it while it is being dispensed. EZ-SERV™ dispensers help reduce waste and mess by dispensing measured amounts instead of flowing freely.

Rosseto EZ-SERV™ Food Dispensers

Mod.Pod™ Buffet Systems

Rosseto Mod.Pods™ offer one of the most unique buffet experiences out there by utilizing interchangeable trays that offer an unlimited amount of configurations to suit any and all tabletops. Small, medium and large sizes are available to offer a variety of serving functions like fruit, salads, sandwiches, drinks and more. Mod.Pod™ buffet solutions are constructed of high quality acrylic that is durable enough for heavy use yet lightweight for easy clean up and transport making them functional, fancy and modern.

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