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The ROK Espresso Maker is the antithesis of pressing a button on an electric machine. Every delicious cup is lovingly made by you. The ROK brings you a truly engaging way to enjoy espresso - a non-electric, hands-on creative solution to making espresso the way you want it, without the waste and expense of capsules - there is no lock-in to buying pods. You choose the coffee, you select the grind and you provide the power. By using hand-powered pressure, coffee making becomes a more involving pleasure. As you become more experienced you can fine-tune how you use the ROK espresso maker to produce espressos to match your personal taste.

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Leonard Da Vinci once said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”; more than likely he was describing the ROK espresso machine. ROK does one thing, they make an espresso machine, and they excel at what they do. ROK has won award after award, from being the winner of the “Most Innovative Product” London Coffee Festival 2013 to being featured in GQ magazine in the “Best Stuff of 2012”, this elegantly designed espresso machine hardly has any moving parts, which means you will spend less time frustrated with a broken machine and more time enjoying your espresso.

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