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With over 16 years experience, Prairie View Industries has emerged a leader in foodservice equipment fabrication. PVI’s goal is to save customers time and money by addressing issues of material handling that others have failed to address. With their 133,000 square foot manufacturing facility and a Midwest work ethic, PVI strives to ensure the best quality product and a reasonable price.

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Recent Reviews

A pain to assemble

Review Date: 7/27/2015
By: bfastlunch

We ordered this unit to go over a sandwich prep table, for plated salads. We found it difficult to assemble--definitely a 2 person job. Also you really have to crank on the lock bolts to have any hope they'll hold. Not at all well designed.


Review Date: 1/7/2015
By: mamorese

Excellent storage tool. Convenient access to all lugs. Stable enough to hold a fourth lug on the top.

Good Stuff

Review Date: 1/3/2015
By: eniemeier

Works great. My boss is happy and a happy boss makes for a happy day.

Well built

Review Date: 12/11/2014
By: Mark V

These carts are great. We use them for parts distribution and they have helped immensely. The only thing that would improve them is if there was an option for 4 wheel swivel.

Review by PAJO

Review Date: 11/1/2014

Editorial Reviews

Pizza Pans

It doesn't matter what size your oven is: PVI has a pizza pan for you. PVI has several pizza racks available with round shelves designed to hold various diameter pizza pans.

Bun Pans

No bakery would be complete without a selection of bun racks. PVI’s bun racks can hold various sizes and number of full size bun pans.

PVI Bun Pans

Flour Bags

Storing food properly can save money and stress in the long run. Dunnage racks are designed to store heavy items like ingredient bags off the floor for health code compliance and food safety.

PVI Dunnage Racks

Canned Goods

Properly storing ingredients doesn't need to be difficult. Full- and half-height can racks are available with forward tilting slides to make storing and grabbing canned food items a simple task.

PVI Can Racks

PVI Retractable Prep Stations

PVI’s line of wall-mounted retractable prep stations can effectively utilize the available space found within a restaurant during prep times while effortlessly opening up that same space to be used in another fashion during service. These stations, 24 inches deep when opened, fold up to a depth of a remarkable 5 1/4 inches, keeping the unit out of the way during the hustle and bustle of service. Similar units with backsplashes are a full 30 inches deep, but fold up to the same shallow footprint when not in use.

PVI Mobile Retractable Prep Stations

While PVI was able to solve a major headache with it wall-mounted retractable prep stations, they took that innovation one step further by putting it on wheels. With their mobile retractable prep stations, any floor space available during prep hours may be utilized to get kitchen chores done. These mobile prep stations include a backsplash on three sides and are 24 inches deep when open, but fold up to a more manageable 17 inches when not in use. Add in the ability to simply roll the unit away when not in use, and you’ve found a piece of equipment that adds a whole new level of versatility to the kitchen.

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