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Pinch (PNPSQ-1CGR) - Green Cover for PNPSQ-2 & PNPSQ-4


Ship Weight .2 lbs.
Base Material Plastic
Food Storage Lid Type Container Lids
Food Storage Type Lids
Geometric Shape Square
Material Type Plastic
Plastic Type Polycarbonate

Product Details

If you were going to rank a noun by its name, a lid would get some of the lowest ratings. If we had our way, we would’ve chosen a better-suited name for our beloved lid. Lids are the protectors from evil, deniers of dust, freshness savers, smart storage solutions - take your pick. 

Perhaps "protectors from evil" went a little far, but when it comes down to it, your storage containers don’t do much without a lid. For keeping your foods longer, fresher and cleaner you need this Green Cover for PNPSQ-2 & PNPSQ-4 (PNPSQ-1CGR) from Pinch. A snug fit onto your Pinch Storage Containers these lids will feel right at home. 
Your beloved lid:

  • Square and stackable for convenient storage
  • Available in a variety of colors to meet safety codes
  • Easy grip tab makes for easy removal 
Pinch Pointers

Store your lids in a larger storage container when not in use.
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Pinch Green Cover for PNPSQ-2 & PNPSQ-4 (PNPSQ-1CGR)
Pinch (PNPSQ-1CGR) - Green Cover for PNPSQ-2 & PNPSQ-4
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