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Pinch (PNP16-SC) - Sixth-Size Polycarbonate Solid Food Pan Cover


Ship Weight .2 lbs.
Base Material Plastic
Cover Type Removable
Dimensions (W x D) 6.88" x 6.38"
Food Storage Lid Type Food Pan Lids
Food Storage Type Lids
Geometric Shape Rectangular
Pan Size One Sixth
Plastic Type Polycarbonate
Surface Type Solid

Product Details

After the very last customer saunters into your restaurant, 5 minutes before close, you and your staff begin shutting down. Some begin placing them in food pans, covering them with cling wrap. Another group covers theirs with tinfoil. Although it may be convenient to cover with disposable materials, it certainly is not cost effective. 

Get into the habit of covering your food up with Pinch’s Polycarbonate Sixth Size Solid Cover (PNP16-SC).  The cover will not only keep the food beneath it fresh, but will also help prevent spills or leaks in a packed-full fridge. Plus, its polycarbonate construction is extra durable and won’t crack or chip when moved from the fridge to the freezer. 

A durable, food-saving option:

  • Extremely temperature resilient:  can withstand a range of -40°F through 212°F
  • Solid lid with deep molded handle for easy gripping
  • Made to fit any sixth-size food pan
  • Polycarbonate construction makes this a durable option
Pinch Pointers

This polycarbonate cover is so much better than regular tinfoil or cling wrap, don’t you think?
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Pinch Sixth-Size Polycarbonate Solid Food Pan Cover (PNP16-SC)
Pinch (PNP16-SC) - Sixth-Size Polycarbonate Solid Food Pan Cover
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