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About Pelouze

Pelouze leads the industry in kitchen measurement innovation through its production of high quality, accurate measuring devices such as scales, thermometers and timers. These products keep food safe and consistent by ensuring that foods are cooked the proper times and reach their desired temperature.

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Indusrty Leaders

Pelouze has led the industry in kitchen measurement innovation since it introduced the idea of portion control scales to the rest of the world in 1953.


Each of Pelouze’s proficient control scales is designed for operator and end user efficiency.

Pelouze Scales

Briefcae Scales

Pelouze products provide a promise of satisfaction to all of its consumers with easy-to-read dials and many scales equipped with convenient carrying handles and space-saving sized platforms.

Pelouze Briefcase Scales

Time is Money

Pelouze timers ensure proper cooking times and eliminate waste while meeting consistency and safety requirements.

Pelouze Timers