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About Moyer Diebel

While others may focus on bells and whistles, Moyer Diebel focuses on manufacturing simply the best performing, longest lasting warewashing equipment available. For over fifty years, their drive to build simple, work-oriented glass and dishwashers has helped them become a leader in the industry and has cemented their reputation as perhaps the most dependable and performance driven manufacturer in the industry today.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Review by Bertrand

Review Date: 9/24/2013
By: Bertrand

Forget about renting or leasing a commercial dishwasher. This unit in conjonction with a glass washer will offer you all the action you need to cover your dishwashing needs for your up to 100 seat restaurant. Easy to use and install. In conjunction with insta hot water heater it is a great product able to reach over 180 degrees on the first wash. No detergent needed.

Review by Anonymous

Review Date: 6/1/2013
By: Anonymous

Works great! This is definitely a solid piece of machinery.

Editorial Reviews

Glasswashing Experts for Over 50 Years

For bars with dirty glasses that won’t hold a head of foam, or those that are struggling to keep enough glassware on hand during peak hours, Moyer Diebel has the glasswashing answer. They have partnered with bartenders and bar operators for over fifty years to produce the some of the best glasswashers in the industry, so whether you need sparkling clean glasses or more glasswashing power, they have the perfect glasswasher for you.

Moyer Diebel Glasswashers

Rinse Sentry

No one in the foodservice industry ever wants to make anyone sick or run afoul of their local health inspector because their dishwasher couldn’t properly sanitize their dishes. With the Rinse Sentry feature found on many Moyer Diebel dishwashers, however, you never have to worry whether your high-temp dishwasher is actually rinsing with water hot enough to sanitize dishes. That is because this unique system monitors the water temperature in the rinse tank to ensure that EVERY rinse uses the proper 180°F water.

MD2000 - Maximum Versatility

Simply the most versatile door-type dishwasher available, Moyer Diebel’s unique MD2000 can be easily field converted to almost any configuration you can imagine. It can be changed from three-phase to single or from straight-through operation to corner. It even comes with a booster heater that can provide either a 40°F or a 70°F temperature rise.

Energy Star® Qualified Dishwashers

The operating costs and resource consumption of any dishwasher can be an important deciding factor which is why Moyer Diebel has invested so much effort into making their glass and dishwashers as efficient as possible. In fact, many of their machines are so efficient and environmentally friendly that they are even Energy Star® qualified. By partnering with Energy Star® Moyer Diebel is demonstrating their commitment to providing you with dishwashers that help conserve energy, water and your bottom dollar.

Moyer Diebel Energy Star® Qualified Dishwashers

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