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Moffat has been distributing powerful and cost-effective electric convection ovens, proofers and holding cabinets since the mid-1980s. As a leader in their field, they strive to incorporate the most cutting-edge technological conveniences into every product. In addition to their extensive, accommodating catalogue, Moffat provides specialized, after-sales customer support. Dedicated to raising the market standard, you’ll enjoy the quality and value of Moffat products. No matter what kind of food service you run, your business will undoubtedly benefit from Moffat’s innovative and versatile advantages. Attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of the industry are showcased in every intelligent product. Trust in Moffat’s commitment to integrity and originality, and their ability to provide an excellent customer service experience.

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The two speed bi-directional fan system has been redesigned to deliver greater control and extra capability. Efficiency, speed, grace and power – that’s the natural advantage at the heart of Turbofan. Moffat’s ovens are of durable construction and ingenious design. Be it chocolate cake or prime rib, you can rely on the quality componentry and features to deliver results that are effortless, flawless and, most importantly, consistent.

Compact Size

Moffat’s product line includes a smart, efficient option for every food service. Even if you’re working in a tiny kitchen, you can count on Moffat to supply an oven, proofer or holding cabinet that’s condensed yet powerful.

Touch-Screen Technology

A specialized line of Moffat’s ovens include a 5.7” Touch-Screen Control Pad, giving you user-friendly control over your programs. The icon-driven operating system can schedule multi-stage cooking, individual shelf timers and automatic or manual moisture injection.

Smart Door

Safe-Touch vented oven doors feature low-emissivity heat reflective coated inner glass that limits heat absorption and the amount of heat being transferred to the outer surface of the glass panel. This feature is standard with all Turbofan ovens, as is the venting door design, which allows any heat to further dissipate as it approaches the second glass panel (which is separated from the first glass panel by a vented air gap). This is a win-win approach – low heat loss inner door glass and safe-touch door surface temperatures.

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