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As a trusted refrigeration manufacturer, Metalfrio has brought quality refrigerator and freezer equipment to the foodservice business for more than 50 years. Through its commitment to quality, Metalfrio has been allowed to expand throughout continents and build a trusted reputation for innovative goods that attract both the buyer and the consumer. Metalfrio strives to bring new technologies and earth-friendly solutions into the market at a price that is realistic for business owners, giving you freedom to choose the best equipment for your needs.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews


Review Date: 9/15/2014
By: Johnnyprin

Is every nice and can hold up to 9 different ice cream basket

ice cream freezer

Review Date: 7/7/2014
By: dave01

Purchased two months ago I am very satisfied with the freezer.

Buyer Beware

Review Date: 7/13/2015
By: IrishinNE

Do not buy this product. It is very poor quality. I would tell you more but FSW would only censor my review. Buyer beware.

Great Product

Review Date: 2/5/2014
By: SuperSub

I just bought my 3rd unit of this particular model. You really cant go wrong with Metalfrio. They make excellent products. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a cooler.

Don't buy

Review Date: 12/6/2013
By: shouldofboughtatrue

I bought this about two months ago. it doesn't get below 40, shelves are cheap, bottles tip over. I bought a true barback cooler 2 years ago wish I would have this time

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Super Coolers

Metalfrio's super coolers are designed for use in bars and taverns. This unique collection of coolers is intended for the serious cold drink enthusiast: beers, wine and spirits can be kept at chilling temperatures that would freeze non-alcoholic drinks. The internal temperature is constantly displayed digitally on the cooler exterior so guests will know just how cold their refreshment is.

Beverage Coolers

Beverage coolers from Metalfrio consistently provide the ideal temperature for soft drinks, juices, energy drinks and bottled water. Metalfrio equipment can keep drinks cool in even the warmest of environmental conditions. Each cooler has glass doors, making product selection simple before accessing the interior. These units are available in a variety of sizes to meet all merchandising needs.

Metalfrio Beverage Coolers

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