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Founded in 1950, Merrychef was a pioneer in the development of the microwave-accelerated combination oven. Produced in 1960, Merrychef’s first combination oven was a 5’ 8” behemoth that took two days to install. They have come a long way since then, their accelerated ovens are now compact countertop units that weigh less than 180 pounds. The eikon series of accelerated cooking ovens can cook up to 15 times faster than conventional cooking methods. Each oven features a combination of microwave, impinged hot air and convection heating technologies that can be independently controlled to accommodate different food types. Merrychef is one of the world leading brands of Manitowoc Foodservice. A global company, Manitowoc foodservice sells, supports and services equipment around the world. Merrychef is one of Manitowoc’s most innovative brands.

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The eikon e3

A combination of convection heat and up to 1000 watts of microwave power allows the Merrychef eikon e3 to cook up to 6 times faster than conventional convection ovens. This powerful oven allows you to accelerate your service and expand your menu. Its compact size is perfect for fast food restaurants and convenience stores. A catalytic convertor eliminates the need for a ventilation hood so that this oven can operate virtually anywhere.

easyToUCH™ App

The eikon™ easyToUCH™ App provides an exact reproduction of the touchscreen navigator found on Merrychef’s eikon™ series of accelerated ovens. This simulator features all of the functionality you’ll find on a Merrychef oven. It provides an excellent way to learn and train employees how to write, store and launch recipes. The app also features an oven capacity calculator that can help high-volume foodservice operators understand the cooking capacity required to deliver their menu at peak times.

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