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Based in Addison, Texas, Long Range Systems is the innovator of onsite communication systems for a variety of industries including healthcare and manufacturing, but their first and foremost focus is on the foodservice industry. It has revolutionized restaurant operations with its popular guest coaster pager that was invented in the mid-1990s. Long Range Systems now offers over 35 different products that are designed specifically to assist restaurants of all types in order to streamline operations, improve service and increase sales. This pager communications company prides itself on listening to its customers in order to meet their needs and develop new products to consistently fit those needs. With quality and durability always a concern, Long Range Systems takes special care when designing all their products so they last longer and can stand up to the abuse a restaurant can dish out. Long Range is also proud to be the first company to offer unique solutions when it comes to restaurant communications with their anti-theft system built into all of its pagers in order to reduce loss and provide a high level of customer service to any establishment.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Works Great but Instructions are Lacking

Review Date: 8/20/2014
By: DermatologyOffice

This product is great! Only complaint is that it comes with basically no instructions on how to use it. For the most part it's self explanatory but I had to call to find out how to get it to stop paging. The customer service person explained that you waive the pager over the butler, but this still doesn't seem to get it to stop. So we endure the 4 pages until it stops. I also needed to call to get help programming the butler. Good thing customer service at Food Service Warehouse was so helpful or I'd be lost. I'll probably call them again and figure out how to get it to stop paging.

Works Great

Review Date: 4/20/2014
By: Fileclerk

We use this in our office to page people to the front desk and it works great. It's very reliable and easy to use. 

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On-Demand Service

Long Range Systems know how important it is for a restaurant to offer on-demand service with its collection of push for service pager kits. These kits not only make a convenient solution for serving customers dinner in a movie theatre, but they are also a great for increasing your customers’ check totals as well as table turns. Long Range Systems prides itself on the large variety of options available.

Long Range Systems Push For Service Pager Kits

Staff-Friendly Solutions

When it comes to providing the upmost service to your customers, look no further than Long range Systems’ selection of server pagers. These server pagers provide your servers immediate notification of when food and beverages are ready to be served to their guests, which increases their productivity and keeps your staff more organized so they can focus on what they do best, which is providing your customers with a great experience in your restaurant.

Long Range Systems Server Pagers

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