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Insinkerator® is not only the world's best-selling brand of food waste disposers, they invented them! Created in 1927 by Racine architect, John W. Hammes, the food waster disposer has grown from a humble idea into an essential piece of equipment for both the home and business. Insinkerator’s® 87 years of perfecting food waste disposal systems along with their committed partnership with plumbers, builders and kitchen dealers alike, has made Insinkerator® disposers a first, and often only, choice in the industry.

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Over 75 Years of "Starving Landfills"

As a restaurant owner, you have a social obligation to participate in responsible waste management. By utilizing a food waste disposer you can prevent organic waste from filling up our landfills and creating methane gas emissions. How? Disposers finely grind waste before it is sent to a wastewater treatment plant. There, it can be converted into fertilizer, energy and clean water.

Easy Installation

Plumbers agree! Insinkerator® food waste disposers are the easiest to install. The simple installation combined with wonderful warranties make purchasing a model by this brand a no brainer.

In Hot Water

Reducing the serving time of hot beverages is easy! Insinkerator's® innovative hot water systems have been perfected to deliver up to 100 cups of near-boiling water an hour. These hot water systems are easy to install and require no expensive pipe runs. Utilizing one in your business is guaranteed to cut down to serving time by providing hot water for tea, coffee, sauces and more, all at the touch of a button.

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