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Since 1887, Howard-McCray has been dedicated to building quality commercial refrigeration products, specializing in product display. Whether you need equipment for your restaurant, bakery, deli or grocery store, Howard-McCray is ready to help you solve your refrigeration needs.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Good fresh produce display case

Review Date: 9/6/2013
By: LLBAsianMarket

Glad that I purchases it for our store. It helps keep the fresh vetgies fresh. Make sure that you properly connect the drain pipe (under the cabinet) to a waste pipe line or have a bucket underneat it to catch the water (remember to empty it every day!). It produced a few gallons of water the first day we installed it and overflowed our bucket. Just wonder if there is a clear plastic curtain that will cover the front of the case to minimize the cold air loss and yet provides easy access to the customers. Thank you FSW for keeping a great customer service team. You will appreciate their help when needed.

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Designed To Enhance Your Sales

Visible products sell, especially when they are kept at a proper temperature to maintain freshness. While many refrigeration manufacturers make generic open merchandisers, Howard-McCray tailors their units for specific purposes.

Produce Merchandisers

Supply your customers with the fruits and vegetables that have maintained their freshness in the store. Howard-McCray has designed these produce merchandisers to provide even air flow, thus maximizing the freshness and quality of products.

Howard-McCray Produce Merchandisers

Meat Merchandisers

Howard-McCray equipped their meat merchandisers with a perforated wall, allowing for even air distribution to products. Your meat will be displayed at an angle for ultimate visibility and stoppers on the shelves will keep both meat and customers safe.

Howard-McCray Meat Merchandisers

Dairy Merchandisers

Proper storage is essential when offering refrigerated items to customers. For dairy and juice products, Howard-McCray has designed dairy merchandisers that offer multiple shelves and even air distribution to your goods.

Howard-McCray Dairy Merchandisers

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