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About Hoover

In 1907, an inventor who worked nights as a janitor built the first “suction sweeper” in an effort to prevent dust from aggravating his asthma. This patent was bought by “Boss” However, who then began to manufacture and improve upon the original design with the inventor’s help. Over a century later, Hoover continues to provide cutting edge innovations, like the bagless and wind tunnel vacuums. With their commitment to provide reliable, efficient cleaning solutions, Hoover has become one of the most trusted brands in both the residential and commercial cleaning industries.

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Wind Tunnel

Hoover isn’t one of today’s leading vacuum brands for nothing. Many vacuums on the market leave a remainder of dirt after operation. Hoover uses wind tunnel technology that is able to lift and trap dirt without scattering. With a hoover vacuum, you can be confident that your floors are free of dust and dirt after each use.


While a vacuum is an investment, maintaining one shouldn’t need to be. With a selection of bagless models, you are able to cut unnecessary costs. Rather than having to remove and replace bags, simply remove the canister, empty it, place it back in the machine and you are ready to roll!

Allergen Filtration

Allergies may be a problem outside but don’t let those irritations come into your establishment as well. Where allergies are a problem, use a vacuum cleaner that has High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration. These filters remove 99% of all microscopic dust particles that can cause allergic reactions.


Many households face the same dilemma: the house needs a little extra power to get clean, but no one wants to be exposed to harsh chemicals. Hoover has designed steam cleaners that are able to meet nearly any household cleaning task by using high-heat steam and eco-friendly, hospital grade solutions that disinfect and sanitize up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria on hard surfaces.

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