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About Handpresso

Handpresso products allow you to brew high-quality espresso wherever you are. They know that as a modern coffee drinker, you’re on the go so much, you can’t stay within the confines of a regular bedtime, much less a regular coffee break at the neighborhood coffee shop. The array of Handpresso products contains options for any coffee-lover to enjoy a delicious cup of espresso, no matter where you find yourself. Thanks to Handpresso products, you can take the coffee shop with you wherever you go. Road trips will never be the same with the Auto Portable Espresso Maker for your car. It plugs directly into your cigarette lighter, creates sixteen bars of pressure and churns out an amazing cup of top-quality espresso in just two minutes. You’ll never have to sacrifice your coffee break again thanks to the Wild Hybrid Portable Espresso Machine Full Outdoor Set. Take a break on the side of the trail and brew a satisfying cup of espresso right into one of the four included unbreakable outdoor cups, built to withstand any circumstances. Even with the whole lightweight travel set in your backpack, you’ll barely notice any extra weight. Around 300,000 Handpresso machines have been distributed in more than fifty counties, so when you get yours, you’ll be joining the ranks of thousands of happy customers. Before you know it, you’ll be relaxing in front of a mountain sunrise with a steaming cup of upscale, homemade espresso and you’ll wonder how you ever did without your Handpresso portable espresso machine.

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Saving the Planet, One Perfectly-Pressed Cup at a Time

You don’t plug in the Wild Hybrid Portable Espresso Machine. You don’t need to carry spare batteries around with you because it doesn’t take batteries. You don’t leave it in a sunbeam and hope that it soaks up enough solar rays to be able to power up by the time you get a hankering for a cup of creamy, top-quality espresso. Nope, this eco-friendly machine is 100% powered by you. Apply the same level of force you would use on a bicycle pump, and enjoy the delicious liquid fruits of your minimal labor. With a sharp focus on sustainability and waste-reduction, the Wild Hybrid Portable Espresso Machine allows you to feel good about your carbon footprint. It’s only an ounce and a half of espresso, but what if everyone enjoyed their daily, relaxing coffee break without consuming any of our planet’s natural resources? We would all soon be basking in plentiful, coffee-filled utopia.

Portability at its Finest

The handpresso is like the most enthusiastic dog you’ve ever had. It wants to go with you, without hesitation, to the summit of your second peak of the day. It’s chomping at the bit to explore the hidden caves you found on your way to the waterfall. It will never balk at the adventure posed by the interesting detour you decided to follow on your sailing tour of the coast. This machine is a companion that will perform for you no matter the circumstances. Anywhere you can take a knee and a moment to enjoy a hot cup of rich, aromatic espresso is a fantastic place to pull out your Wild Hybrid Portable Espresso Machine. You’ll be turning little inlets or shady groves into upscale coffee shops that just so happen to be surrounded by palm trees. Or stalactites. Or bears. Hopefully not bears, but the good people at Handpresso never underestimate the bold, global traveler that is the on-the-go espresso aficionado.

The Vision

There’s a reason Handpresso hosts photo contests that allow users to snap themselves using their beloved Handpresso portable espresso machines in far-away places or extreme conditions. Yes, they like seeing photographic evidence that they have the absolute bravest and coolest customers out there, but they also like seeing their original vision in action. Conceived only a few years ago, the creators of Handpresso wanted to live in a world where anyone, anywhere could enjoy a delicious cup of espresso. There’s more to a coffee break than the coffee. It’s about the moment. The relaxation, the sharing, the calm reprieve that lets you soak up your circumstances, appreciate your progress or steel yourself for what’s to come. Constantly improving their core concept, Handpresso strives to come up with innovations that will allow their users to take a tranquil, quiet coffee break wherever they are.

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