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About Hall China

Since 1903, The Hall China Company has offered the most shapes and colors in commercial restaurant chinaware than anyone else. Being the largest manufacturer of specialty chinaware, Hall China separates itself from its competitors through the quality and design in each product. Its denser raw materials require the highest firing temperature, which results in stronger china bodies and glazes.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Review by Anonymous

Review Date: 6/1/2013
By: Anonymous

Love the size of the bowl along with the weight and feel of the bowl. pasta just tastes better in this product !!!!!!!!

Editorial Reviews

Sturdy Cooking Chinaware

Hall China offers the most complete selection of cooking chinaware. However, these dishes don’t just look pretty. They are built to give you every convenience possible in the kitchen. It’s sleek and elegant baker bowls, as well as the shallow baking dishes, are all oven, freezer and microwave-proof.

Porcelain Serving Chinaware

Hall China’s large assortment of salad/pasta bowls and fry pan servers are made from the hardest glazes and materials, allowing these dishes to be able to endure extensive wear-and-tear. These bowls and servers are some of the most resistant chinaware on the market today.

Long-Lasting Storage Chinaware

All of Hall China’s deep food pans are fashioned in a durable design that ensures the ultimate measure of quality. This care helps Hall to provide consumers with a lower cost per serving and, as a result, a higher return on their investment.

Make Your Tabletop Complete

Hall China sauces boats come in elegant shapes combined with practical portion control. Their dense bodies retain heat and cold longer, ensuring that your sauces are served at the proper temperature.

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