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Since 1931, Gold Medal has been dedicated to developing innovative ideas and equipment to help you increase profits. They offer anything and everything you could possibly need to run a successful concessions business. From state fairs and circuses to sporting events and snack stands, Gold Medal makes the equipment and supplies you need to offer the best concessions.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Review by Dan46

Review Date: 11/25/2015
By: Dan46

Caramel dip horrible

Review Date: 11/24/2015
By: milo

This dip is absolutely bad. . I don't know what I am going to do with it.

Good Product

Review Date: 11/24/2015
By: Tomas

Good product, it is the item expected, but the packing was not good and the display had a little ray.

Very excited!

Review Date: 10/15/2015
By: DiceyDave

These bags are the perfect size for kids. Every ounce of unpopped popcorn which then gets popped will fill approximately six of these bags.

not worth the money

Review Date: 10/2/2015
By: SnoCone Maker

I would like to return all 6 that I purchased. They are not worth the money.

Editorial Reviews

Unimaxx Saves Energy

The Unimaxx name refers to the unified kettle and heating element which permits the lowest possible energy consumption with maximum popping capacity. Please contact our product experts to learn which machines will save energy using the Unimaxx kettle.

Gold Medal Popcorn Equipment

E-Z Kleen Kettles Produce Better Product

Cleaner kettles make better tasting popcorn! Made of stainless steel, these kettles are easy to wipe clean and keep clean. Cleaner kettles sell more popcorn. E-Z Kleen Kettles are standard in most units and can be added to those in which they are not, just contact our product experts today for more information.

Gold Medal Popcorn Equipment

Brute Force Motor Overpowers Competition

Larger more powerful drive motors are a way of life in Gold Medal poppers. From the smallest Titan to the Cornado, you’ll find these motors to be 33% to 50% more powerful than the competition.

Gold Medal Popcorn Equipment

Flexi Pop Prevents Excess

The Flexi Pop option gives you two poppers in one by offering a half-size batch cycle that can be used on slower days so you do not waste popcorn. Flip the switch and pop twice as much every three minutes when business speeds up. Flexi Pop is an available option on any Gold Medal popcorn machine.

Gold Medal Popcorn Equipment

Twin Kettle Suspension Offers Safety

Virtually all Gold Medal machines feature the double-hung twin kettle suspension – the ultimate in operator safety. These kettles are suspended with two bars instead of one making it easy to reach, move and remove. The result is no accidental oil spills and more working room in the cabinet.

Big Eye Heat Control Monitors Heat

The Big Eye Electronic Heat Control automatically helps you produce better popcorn and increases the popper life by monitoring the cabinet and kettle heat ensuring it never goes too low or too high. While it is standard on many popping units, it can also be added as an upgrade to most Gold Metal popping units.

Gold Medal Popcorn Equipment

Fire Suppression Systems Available

Theatres, arenas and stadiums need the protection that comes from fire suppression. The Gold Medal Fire Suppression System costs about $3,000 per machine installed setup and tested compared to the endless cost of vent hoods and fire drops.

Pop Clean Keeps Popcorn Smelling Fresh

Pop Clean is a new clean air discharge option using a three stage filter that removes virtually 100% of all oil vapors, steam and smoke leaving only the aroma of freshly popping corn. Pop Clean comes standard on many larger Gold Medal popping units

Gold Medal Popcorn Equipment

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