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About Genpak

A leading manufacturer in disposable food service items, Genpak has been in business since 1969. In fact, Genpak was the first to produce a foam hinged carry-out container. With 15 locations around the United States and Canada, Genpak has built up their products from carry-out containers to dinnerware. Genpak offers a line of disposable products that is highly functional, user-friendly and still evolving.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Just what I wanted

Review Date: 9/27/2015

I purchased these small cups to give out apple cider samples at farmers' markets, and they are perfect for the job.

Genpak 9" plastic plates

Review Date: 9/25/2015
By: Nina9

These are the plates I purchase for my church. I find them sturdy, the perfect size for Brunch and aesthetically pleasing as well.

Review by rstarke

Review Date: 6/9/2014
By: rstarke


Review Date: 6/5/2014
By: Bb51

The plates were not sturdy as I thought. They were suppose to be size 8.88 they were 8.78. Next time I will order a better quality. I have in the pass

perfect for 2 buns

Review Date: 5/23/2014
By: runner

Thank you for making this available. I use them for our farm employees for their hot suppers spring and fall. This container fitsTWO buns, with whatever you want on them, hamb.,ham,chicken patties,fish sq. maid rites,turkey, pulled pork,etc.

Editorial Reviews

Copious Containers

When it comes to size, Genpak has a selection that beats out the competition. Genpak containers will hold your hotdogs, hoagies, sandwiches, slices of cake and just about any other food item. The wide range of containers makes them appealing to a variety of food service establishments and convenient for many carry-out applications.

Celebrity Foam Dinnerware

Check out Celebrity foam dinnerware for a value line of stylish foam plates that will not absorb foods or liquids.

Genpak Celebrity Foam Dinnerware

Aristocrat Plastic Dinnerware

When more strength is required of the plate, try Aristocrat plastic dinnerware. Plastic looks great at catering events as well.

Genpak Aristocrat Plastic Dinneware

Elite Laminated Foam Dinnerware

A great middle point between these two is the Elite line of laminated foam dinnerware. Cut-resistant and non-absorbent, this dinnerware makes a statement when plastic is too much but mere foam is not enough.

Genpak Elite Laminated Foam Dinnerware

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