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Gaggia’s roots are deeply intertwined with the history of Italian espresso. After all, it was founder Achille Gaggia’s 1938 patent for a steam-free espresso machine that ushered in the modern age of espresso. For his invention, the Gaggia patriarch earned an honorary title as the “Father of the Modern Espresso Machine.” In the decades since the groundbreaking patent was filed, Gaggia has been at the forefront of the Italian espresso scene, continuing to revolutionize the industry while remaining true to its heritage. Gaggia products have been trusted by Italian espresso aficionados, the most discerning in the world, for nearly a century. With a time-tested reputation for quality, meticulous attention to detail, and an unparalleled commitment to tradition, Gaggia is the clear choice for homes and businesses alike.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Fluctuating Price

Review Date: 9/17/2014
By: nickn

I've been offered a 10% discount to review an item whose price has increased by over 23% in the few weeks since I purchased. If it were still offered a the original price I would buy another with my 10% discount. At the increased price it offers no advantage over purchasing from any other vendor

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Brewing the Perfect Shot

The only way to make an authentic espresso is to extract it from ground and tamped coffee using hot water under high pressure. This particular beverage must be extracted with at least nine bars of pressure. The water must be between 192 degrees Fahrenheit and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The resulting single (1.5 ounce) and double (2-3 ounce) shots must be extracted in 20-30 seconds.

Build Quality

Gaggia got its start making commercial pump-driven espresso machines. When the company expanded its line of products to include machines for the home, Gaggia stuck to its commercial roots. High-end materials and top-notch build quality would not be sacrificed. The result -- performance-driven espresso machines that yield consistent, professional quality drinks.


It was a technological innovation, in the form of the world’s first pump-driven espresso machine, that lead to the creation of Gaggia, Throughout the years, Gaggia has also introduced the home espresso machine and earned its place as Italy’s #1 espresso machine manufacturer. With an ever-expanding line of semi-automatic, super-automatic, single-serve machines and grinders, technology continues to be a big part of the Gaggia DNA.

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