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Since 1935, Frymaster has built a reputation as one of the most inventive, and therefore popular, foodservice manufacturers. Computer-controlled frying, built-in filtration, and high-efficiency fryer systems are just some of the innovations Frymaster has provided to revolutionize how commercial deep fryers are used. Its current focus has been on creating the most efficient deep fryers on the market. Frymaster continues to explore new ideas and attitudes that will shape the future of frying in foodservice establishments, fulfilling the promise of quality and innovation that its customers have come to expect.

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Ultra-Efficient Electric Fryers: Kings of Efficiency

Frying is an indirect source of cooking, meaning that the energy used to cook food passes through a medium, in this case fryer oil, before cooking food product. Typically speaking, this means that energy is wasted during the cooking process. However, Frymaster’s E4 Series offers unparalleled efficiency ratings, boasting an ASTM efficiency rating of up to 90%. To compare, a gas-powered open pot fryer needs just 50% efficiency while an electric model requires 80% efficiency to meet ENERGY STAR requirements. When you purchase an ultra-efficient electric fryer from Frymaster, you can be assured that it’s saving your business money every time it’s turned on.

Frymaster E4 Series Fryers

Frymaster Controllers: It’s Your Option

Versatility is always valuable in the foodservice industry, as each operation runs differently due to the unique demands of each establishment. After years of research, Frymaster believes it has developed a fryer controller that can fit the needs of every foodservice operation. Frymaster now has 10 different controllers to meet the demands of your business. From an affordable but effective millivolt controller that does not require an electrical connection to the CM 3.5 programmable computer controller that can automatically adjust cook times based upon temperature as well as automatically operate basket lifts, Frymaster allows its customers to decide what option is best for their business. If you have any questions about which controller is a fit for your operation, don’t hesitate to call an Account Manager at 1-877-877-4379.

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