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About Freasy Funnel

As the owner of Freasy Funnel found out when he opened a self-serve frozen yogurt store in 2010, cleaning and maintaining a soft-serve machine is major headache. Employees spent too long trying to get the machines clean and the process often resulted in disruptive messes that ate up even more valuable time to clean up. To improve his business, he developed a prototype device that ran waste water directly into a nearby drain. The prototype was soon refined into the most efficient option on the market for ice cream machine maintenance. With the perfected design of the Freasy Funnel, you can eliminate the time and hassle you previously spent trying to effectively clean your soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt machines.

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Saving Time, Saving Money

Most ice cream parlors or frozen yogurt shops have more than one soft-serve machine. It seems like every shop you walk into nowadays has at least six machines, and each one requires heavy daily maintenance. If you’re spending unnecessary time trying to get your machines clean, you could be losing out on thousands of dollars of money per year. For example, if you pay an employee $12 per hour to clean your six machines (each requiring about 6 hours of cleaning per month), that’s $5,184 extra dollars per year you spend to keep your business running. Even if you only shave five minutes off of amount of time you spend cleaning every machine, the Freasy Funnel will drastically reduce your maintenance costs.

Loyal Customers are Priceless

It’s nearly impossible to effectively clean a soft-serve ice cream or frozen yogurt machine. Worst of all, it’s so difficult to move the heavy machines that you’re generally stuck doing your unsightly maintenance right in front of customers. Who can enjoy their delicious yogurt break while they watch you drag bucket after bucket of gray waste water from the front of the house to the sink in the back? Not a very appetizing sight. With the Freasy Funnel, you can quickly and discreetly clean all of your machines so your customers don’t lose their appetite while you do daily cleaning or change out a flavor. Additionally, soft-serve machines get a bad reputation for being dirty. Because they’re so difficult to clean, you might not be giving your units the attention that they need to operate at peak performance. The Freasy Funnel makes it easy to clean your machines, ensuring the upscale quality of your creamy frozen treats.

Will it Work for Me?

The Freasy Funnel is compatible with the most popular soft-serve machines on the market. If you own one of the following models, the Freasy Funnel is a great choice for your business: Taylor: C723, C712, C713, C716, 336, 754, 794, 8756, 8757 and 8754 Alpine: 360HP, 360A and 360W Forte: SS100 and F100 Donper: BT7200, BH7480, BTB7200 and BGB8270 Spaceman: 6245, 6248, 6368 and 6378 Wellspring: WIM-310 Stoelting: 238R, O431-I2, F431, O411, U431-12, F231, E111/F111, E131/F131, F144, SF144, O111, E112 and F112 Electro Freeze: FM8, 55TF, 56TF, 66TF, 88T-RMT, 99T-RMT, 180T-RMT, 30T-RMT and 4000EP Carpigianni: UF-820E SaniServ: 521 Twist, 522 Twist, 414, 424, 824 and 914 If your machine doesn’t appear on this list, the Freasy Funnel might still work for you. Please contact a product specialist toll-free at 1 (877) 877-5655, Monday through Friday from 6 am to 6 pm MST for details.

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