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Since 1987, FETCO has been one of the major coffee brewing equipment manufacturers in the world. Known for their innovation and high quality standards, they have continued to develop revolutionary solutions for the coffee industry. Their machines are known for having an array of programmable options, often using patented technology and processes -all so that you can deliver the best possible cup of coffee. However, when it comes to daily operations, their brewers have minimal and intuitive interfaces, making them super easy to use. FETCO's LEAN manufacturing processes ensure maximum cost containment. Their cross-trained, highly skilled labor force allows for manufacturing flexibility. And by being vertically integrated, their operations can efficiently complete smaller production runs, minimizing lead times and simplifying inventory management.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Nice Modern Touchscreen Airpot Brewer

Review Date: 12/19/2014
By: BrandenburgBakery

Our bakery cafe needed an upgraded airpot brewer and this particular model fit our needs and has enough output for even our busiest days. The unit looks very nice and fits seamlessly into our front house service station. The touchscreen is modern looking and easy to use. The brew heads are held in securely using a magnet which makes cleaning the head super simple. The brewer is easy to setup but if you would like to tweak the individual recipes, programming can be a little finicky. For us, it was worth it to experiment with the settings. We are able to extract more flavor from our grind producing a coffee with a very full bodied, but not bitter, flavor. At the same time, we actually have about 16oz more coffee in our airpot after brewing than with our previous brewer. This was all using the same coffee, grind and weight. On a side note, and worth mentioning, the water tank is insulated to reduce heat loss and the brewer has an ECO mode for overnight to save energy costs. The ECO function is disabled from the factory but is easy enough to reactivate in programming mode. Since I have only been using this brewer for three weeks, I cannot comment on reliability or longevity but the unit does seem solid and the components look high quality.

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FETCO's Sustainability Commitment

Ecology-friendly technology is a top priority when designing these products. FETCO's equipment does not contain lead, mercury or fiberglass. Instead, alternatives are used such as stainless steel fittings, solid state relays and insulation that does not contain harmful materials. FETCO's patented power switching system is designed to allow heat generated inside the brewer to be recovered and recycled, rather than simply venting it into the outside air. This method of heat return, combined with insulated water tanks, can result in significant energy cost savings. An independent laboratory study found that FETCO brewers use 950 kWh less energy than that of leading competitors. By using FETCO you can save up to 22% on your energy costs over the course of a year!

Long Standing Quality

Vertical integration allows the entire company to communicate quickly and efficiently since all components of operation are in one place. FETCO uses heavier gauge stainless steel than others on the market today, increasing both durability and heat retention. Furthermore, their advanced manufacturing techniques ensure pinpoint accuracy. Their "poke-yoke" or fail safe production method was modeled after precise Japanese standards. Their documented testing procedures and ten-point checklist on all assembly check points ensure first-class performance on every piece of equipment that leaves their assembly line.

Meeting Your Maritime Needs

The Maritime Collection is made up of products that are designed with unique features so that they meet IP44 Maritime (Ingress Protection) Standards, allowing them to be used in a commercial marine context. For instance, cruise ships require extensive cleaning and sanitation procedures that involve spraying down entire pieces of food service equipment. The IP44 Certification means that this is made to withstand this harsh environment.

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The Science of Extraction Meets The Art of Taste The EXTRACTOR® series is loaded with customizable options for the coffee connoisseur. Adjust everything from the percentage of coffee that is pre-soaked to the brew volume, time, and temperature. Even add a bit of pure water via the bypass feature. Complex calibration is made easy with the calibration panel on the front of the machine. Operation is made even easier via a simple, intuitive illuminated interface.

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Go Big with the High Volume Series

These workhorses are an ideal choice for large scale operations such as airports, banquets, convention centers, casinos and cafeterias. Did you know? FETCO is the only manufacturer of Super High Volume Thermal Dispensers ranging from 18-24 gallon capacity. If you need to go big, let these brewers and urns streamline your operation. Eliminate the need for refilling air pots over and over. Free up staff time too. Set it up and go. Reduce messy, crowded beverage stations since all you need is a single dispenser. No wait time or annoyed guests. With a capacity ranging from 6 to a whopping 24 gallons, the coffee just keeps on flowing!

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