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Federal Industries provides its customers with outstanding quality, innovative foodservice solutions and service that are unrivaled in the industry. Every Federal Industries product has been rigorously tested for performance durability and reliability in a state-of-the-art, UL- and NSF-approved testing laboratory. Additionally, Federal Industries prides itself on being an environmentally-friendly manufacturer, using both energy-efficient product designs and green manufacturing techniques, saving energy in their facilities as well as yours.

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Committed To Green Practices

Federal Industries maintains a three-step green philosophy to take their environmental stewardship to another level with the goal of improving the environment by supplying sustainable, long-lived products. First, Federal Industries does its best to reduce the amount of waste produced during manufacturing by recycling and reusing materials. Second, the manufacturer utilizes colorants and paints that are free of heavy metals and use no products that release harmful vapors and gases during their productions. Finally, Federal Industries produces products and components designed to minimize energy consumption. Their EcoChoice open air merchandisers use LED lights, eliminate the use of energy-hungry condensate evaporators, and employ energy-saving night curtains that increase the operational efficiency of each unit.

Clear Coil Provides An Economical Balance

Federal Industries’ Clear Coil™ approach matches display cases with an ideal balance of compressor size, evaporator coil surface area and air movement to save store operators money by lowering energy and operating costs. This system delivers precise electronic temperature control, an on-demand defrost feature, and includes a memory module to set control points to factor in different environmental conditions.

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