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About Eurodib

Eurodib had been a leading importer of fine European foodservice equipment for more than twenty years and is well positioned to provide quality products to customers all over the United States. From smallwares to heavy equipment, they have something for every restaurant, hotel and country club.

Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Experience with Eurodib.

Review Date: 6/16/2014
By: Halcyon

Our restaurant purchased this product about a month ago, since then, we use it almost daily. It has been quite effective for or day to day needs. We enjoy the compact design, since we have limited space. Also, it is quite easy to clean and store. The only problems that we have encountered are the following: The blade often gets jammed up and stops while cutting some meats, producing a loud whining sound. Likewise, I feel that if it had a back end guard, that it would cut down on the debris that has a tendency of shooting from the back. Finally, I find that the assembling and disassembling of the arm is difficult and laborious due to the locking bolt. More instructions could have helped when we received the manual. We this feedback has been helpful and thank you again.

Perfect for our needs

Review Date: 6/5/2014
By: iang

Needed this item for a brew kettle that was lacking one. Works perfectly for my needs.

Excellent quality

Review Date: 6/5/2014
By: Juju2014

Love this extra large saute pan, it's thick base maintains even cooking. It's a little heavy but has a small half circle handle as well as the long handle which aids in picking it up. Great product and excellently priced. You can't buy anything like this in retail stores.

love this Smooth Panini Grill

Review Date: 5/31/2014
By: Catan

I Bought it to grill Cuban Sandwich and is Great!!

Lobster Mac-n-Cheese Pan

Review Date: 5/24/2014
By: LobsterMac

Bought this to be able to make larger batches of Lobster Mac....specifically to melt the multi cheese mixture in. Plus it is Induction Cooktop ready as well. The overall construction appears to be of good quality and the price fair and the shipping was spot on time.

Editorial Reviews

Recent Editorial Reviews
A Product That Will Save You Some Time
By John, FSW Product Expert
Review Date: 6/18/2009

Eurodib De Buyer Copper Cookware

With Eurodib’s De Buyer collection of copper cookware, it is now easier than ever to add the performance and prestige of copper cookware to your commercial kitchen.

Eurodib De Buyer Copper Cookware

Eurodib Induction Cookers

These induction tops are portable and easy to use. Induction cooking allows you to adjust the cooking heat instantly and precisely for advanced cooking techniques and methods.

Eurodib Induction Cookers