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Eurodib had been a leading importer of fine European foodservice equipment for more than twenty years and is well positioned to provide quality products to customers all over the United States. From smallwares to heavy equipment, they have something for every restaurant, hotel and country club.

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Recent Reviews

Recent Reviews

Very bad quality

Review Date: 2/5/2015
By: nycdon73

I have had this unit for three months and it is falling apart. called customer service at Eurodib, and they said they would not replace my unit because it was comedic. The aluminum trim surrounding the this unit is breaking off in many places and looks terrible.

Bang for the buck

Review Date: 1/18/2015
By: Junior164

These are good pans for low to medium heat, they are not good for high heat. All in all you get good bang for your money.

Great Product

Review Date: 12/12/2014
By: brewwench

I love my new split top panini grill! It heats up quickly and evenly, cooks my food quickly without scorching and so easy to clean! Great product.

Great quality fryer!

Review Date: 9/15/2014
By: lovnlivin

I fry a lot of fish, as well as many different types of snacks and foods. The basket is large, deep and heavy duty. The fryer also allows for low and high levels of oil with the basket having two hangers; low and high depending on amount of oil used. Heats up quickly for holding 2 gallons of oil and temperature remains level. So far I love it!

It Works

Review Date: 8/12/2014
By: DRS43

I use this when diced onions are needed. It really speeds up the process and it cleans up easily too.

Editorial Reviews

Recent Editorial Reviews
A Product That Will Save You Some Time
By John, FSW Product Expert
Review Date: 6/18/2009

Eurodib De Buyer Copper Cookware

With Eurodib’s De Buyer collection of copper cookware, it is now easier than ever to add the performance and prestige of copper cookware to your commercial kitchen.

Eurodib De Buyer Copper Cookware

Eurodib Induction Cookers

These induction tops are portable and easy to use. Induction cooking allows you to adjust the cooking heat instantly and precisely for advanced cooking techniques and methods.

Eurodib Induction Cookers

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