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Cooking Equipment

Cooking, Frying, Steaming

Cooking, frying and steaming food is what commercial foodservice is all about, and this countertop equipment lets you do just that while conserving space. Whether you need to bake in an oven, fry up some wings or steam a plate of veggies, we are sure to have what you need.

Heating & Finishing

Many times chefs need to quickly reheat or finish a product and the toasters, microwaves and salamander broilers found here are the perfect solution. If you need to toast a bagel, reheat a plate or melt cheese on top of a burger, this is the equipment to do it.

Portable Cooking Equipment

Not all commercial cooking is done on the line in a large commercial kitchen. Sometimes you have to take your show on the road. This portable cooking equipment is compact and lightweight enough to be easily transported, and it is powerful enough for commercial cooking.

Specialty Equipment

Sometimes a job requires a specialized tool and commercial cooking is certainly no exception. So, while this specialty equipment won’t work for every job, it is perfect for those jobs and dishes where nothing else will work.

Cooking Equipment Education

Understanding Countertop Charbroilers?

If you enjoy the flavor and taste of outdoor grilling, you’ll love what a charbroiler can do for your food service establishment. Charbroilers use underfire broiling technology to create the flavor and grill marks of an outdoor grill.

What about Griddles and Cheesemelters?

The large open cooking space on a griddle allows for cooking of many items at the same time, while avoiding taste contamination. Cheesemelters provide a quick way to brown and re-heat food items.

Why are Microwave Ovens important?

Commercial microwaves can be used to defrost, reheat, or cook food products. A commercial unit is essential to achieve maximum results.

Should I consider an Induction Range?

An induction range is a portable cooktop that uses instantaneous heat to cook food. Popular among caterers, induction ranges are cheap and safe to operate.

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