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Is a steamer right for your business?

With steaming being the most efficient method of cooking, pressure and pressureless steamers can make a great addition to any kitchen. Cooking with a steamer is fast and the food retains it’s nutrients and vibrant color.

What are the advantages of using a steamer?

The benefits of using steamers are numerous. Some steaming benefits include maintaining of nutrients in food, the color in food, the quick cook times and the need for less oil and butter while cooking.

Connections and power hook ups

Commercial steamers come in electric, gas, direct steam and steam coil models. Pros and cons of each should be considered before purchase.

Kettles vs. Tilting Skillets

Simmering soups and stews are the perfect use for stationary and tilting kettles. Using a single bottom burner for stews and soups can cause uneven heating and burning.

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