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Commercial Sinks

Commercial Faucets

Commercial faucets are a necessity for every sink and wash station in any foodservice establishment. Commercial kitchen faucets are much more durable than residential models. Specialty faucets such as pre-rinse units, glass fillers, and mop sink faucets are also available.

Compartment Sinks

Commercial compartment sinks all serve an important, specific purpose in the kitchen. One and two compartment sinks are great for food preparation and three compartment sinks are required in every commercial kitchen for dishwashing. Four compartments are for large operations.

Sink Accessories

Sink accessories allow business owners to optimize their water usage in both application and amount. Commercial sink drains allow for better employee safety and pre-rinse spray valves conserve water to reduce utility costs. Faucet bases and nozzles allow for ideal customization.

Hand Sinks

Establishments where open food is handled or wares are washed are most always required by health codes to have a hand sink readily accessible. Commercial hand sinks can be wall mounted, freestanding, drop in or even portable so hand washing can take place where it needs to.

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Commercial Sinks Education

The Importance of Handwashing

Restaurant workers are required, by law, to frequently wash their hands to avoid spreading germs. Learn proper handwashing technique and how often food service workers are required to do so.

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