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Food Safety Temperatures and The Danger Zone

No matter where or how you are preparing food, it is important to follow safe food handling practices. A primary concern for perishable food is time and temperature control. Food has to spend as little time in the temperature danger zone as possible in order to provide the most safety.

Top 10 Tips for Catering a BBQ

At catered events, if there is barbecue on the premises, everybody knows because the mouth-watering aroma overpowers all other smells. If you are catering a barbecue event or competition, follow these tips to ensure that your barbecue stand is the one everybody is talking about.

Rat's Woodshack BBQ

If you're planning to start your own barbecue business or just want to see what it's like behind the grill, read this interview and learn from someone who has been in the business or several years.

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